Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wedding Rings and Other Things

So my wedding ring was supposed to be repaired and done last Sunday afternoon. I got a call in the morning from the jeweler telling me there is more wrong with it than they initially thought (cracks throughout the mounting). Apparently the compromise with platinum is that it is a softer metal therefore can bend and crack more easily than gold. I was pretty bummed because I will now be without my ring for at least three weeks. The good news is all the work is being done at no cost to me since we have the service plan. It is also a bit disconcerting that such an expensive wedding set appears to be so fragile. Although this is the only problem I’ve had with it in 6 years so I guess that is not all that surprising.

So, my husband, out of the blue, suggested I get a "sturdier" wedding ring for everyday use and wear and tear and use my original ring for occasions like church on Sunday, family gatherings, and other functions that don’t have me banging my ring around or nicking it on things. All I heard was another wedding ring and I was sold. I mean what girl needs convincing to have two diamond rings? We looked around a bit yesterday and found one we both really liked. The diamond needs to be mounted and the ring needs to be sized, but if all goes as planned I should have it in a few days. My husband said he was having "a surprise" added as well. I love my original wedding ring, but it is certainly exciting to have something new to alternate with. I’m just hoping I don’t do as much damage to this one as I have seemed to manage to do to my original.


Emerald said...

I have two ring sets, also. It is fun to switch around. Nice hubby.

Nancy said...

How exciting! I have a skinny band that never leaves my finger but I have my original engagement ring (single 1/2 caret on a skinny band) and my mother in law's wide gold band with a teeny tiny diamond in it. It was the band that always caught my eye - she gave it to my husband to give to me the last time he saw her before she passed away. Neither are worth alot but they are still priceless!
Make sure you let us know what the "surprise" is!

Gena B. said...

Very neat. I have two rings. My "fancy" one and my "normal" one.
Wonder what the surprise is?