Monday, June 30, 2008

Random and Useless Information About Me

1. I attended college on a basketball scholarship. At one point my junior season I led the nation in 3 point field goal percentage.
2. I was a high school English teacher for 5 years prior to becoming a mom.
3. It is unlikely that when I return to work that it will be as a teacher.
4. I am the oldest of 4. Much was required and expected of me. I try not to put that same level of pressure and responsibility on my daughter.
5. I have an obsession with bags...backpacks, messenger bags, diaper bags, hobo bags, purses, totes, etc. I'm a bag whore!
6. I love chapstick!
7. I love my children something fierce. If you wrong them, I will kill you!
8. I have little tolerance for selfish or self-centered people.
9. I'm Christian but a political and social moderate. Many assume that Christianity and a more liberal political stance can't co-exist. They can.
10. I'm very opinionated. This blog is an outlet for those opinions.
11. I love to swim. Not the leisurely, sun bathing dip in the pool type pf swimming...but lap swimming. It's great exercise.
12. I don't drink much anymore---hardly ever--- but I love mojitos, gin and tonics, and cranberry and vodka with lime.
13. I was a vegetarian for a few years...a year leading up to my 1st pregnancy, the 9 months of the pregnancy, and for about a year after that. My daughter eats no meat. Won't go near it. I wonder if there is a connection?
14. My son eats anything and everything, which is what I ate when pregnant with him.
15. I am very conflicted over whether or not I want a 3rd kid.
16. I wish I lived someplace back east.
17. I love to read and play the guitar.
18. My guilty pleasure is trash TV.
19. I love my children and my friend's and family's children, but I have a general ambivalence toward most other children.
20. I'm 30!
21. I love blue cheese, balsamic vinegar, and pine nuts.
22. I find smoking to be one of the most disgusting habits and one of the biggest wastes of money.
23. I love my ob/gyn. I would like to be pregnant just to visit him. Does that make me weird?
24. I'm self-motivated and ambitious.
25. Steve Kerr, baby

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tree Huggin' Dirt Worshipper

I admit that I am more "green" than a lot of my family or friends, but I also acknowledge that in the realm of "green" many, many people have me beat. I mention that because I’m not a total granola, earth-loving, hippie freak….although personally I happen to love granola, earth loving, hippie freaks. However, the way people treat our environment, especially as of late, has me all hot and bothered. The fact that sooooo many refuse to acknowledge the negative impact we have on our earth bothers me more than I could clearly articulate.

I do my part to contribute to the pollution and waste, don’t get me wrong. I also like to think that I do at least as much to counterbalance my family’s waste. I’m not saying we should all give up our cars and walk, but would buying a car that gets more than 7 miles to the gallon kill ya? I am ashamed to admit that I drive an SUV (a small one, but an SUV nonetheless). I drive this more out of necessity than true desire. I would love a prius. A prius won’t hold 2 kids and all the crap that goes with two kids and a possible third kid at some point. I also understand that a larger family requires a larger car. What bothers me is the people who drive these HUGE SUV’s when they have 1 kid, or even worse, no kids. Is that car truly necessary? Aside from the environmental impact these massive cars have what about the dent it is unnecessarily creating in their pocket books?

Water waste also has me irked these days. Why does it seem like everyone feels the need to water his/her lawn or wash the aforementioned SUV’s at 2:00 in the afternoon? Can it not wait until 6 in the evening or 7 in the morning? It is such a waste. I wish people would be more conscious of the carbon footprint they are leaving on our earth and the amount of resources they waste daily and take steps to reduce pollution and waste and unnecessary misuse of our resources.

People assume the cavalier attitude that these resources were given to us to use and abuse for our own benefit with no regard for future generations. We live in a time where if this continues our children and children’s children will not live in a world of plenty. I think it is our responsibility to leave this world in better condition than it was when it was handed down to us. If we continue in this direction we will not be leaving this world in good condition to our children. We are a nation of gluttons. We take and take and use and use and just assume that there will always be enough. I have news for the masses. There will not be enough if we continue to waste at the ridiculous rate we currently waste our resources.

I went to and typed in my family’s possessions and uses. We use 18.46 metric tons of CO2 a year. In the realm of things we are pretty low on the waste meter, but we could do more to reduce our footprint. We could trade in the SUV for starters. If everyone did just a little bit more we could make a huge difference. I’m not asking people to forgo the lifestyle they’ve become accustomed to or abandon all the little luxuries they’ve acquired, but little changes here and there add up and would mean the world of difference for this earth and it’s future inhabitants.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


I was tucking my daughter into bed tonight and like most nights I was cuddling with her and chatting. Unsolicited she says, "I love you mommy. You're a good mommy; you keep me happy." Totally melted my heart. A few minutes later she says, "Cuddle with me mommy. You're my best friend." Does it get any better?

Recharge Needed

I admit it! I'm grumpy and irritable. It comes with the territory of taking care of sick kids and feeling beyond exhausted from being up all night cleaning up vomit and diarrhea. There's also the little issue of healthy daughter who has been just a royal pain in the arse. Combine these two issues and you have a mom who is literally a few short steps away from the looney bin. At this point it would be a welcome reprieve. I can sleep there right?
I just want a break from my two little "angels". I don't think that is too much to ask for, is it? I am with my children 24 hours/7 days a week. I never hire a babysitter; they stay with grandma and grandpa maybe 3 times a year, usually for me to go to a doctor's appointment and once for my hubby and I to celebrate our anniversary. My husband works all the time; I'm virtually a single mother and lately I just want to disappear.....ALONE!
I know being a stay-at-home mom means sacrificing my own needs, wants, and desires for the needs, wants, and desires of my kids especially. However, I don't think I should have to entirely surrender all of them and I fear that is what I have done. I know some stay at home moms who kind of defeat the purpose of being one. They have more help than any mother, stay at home or not, really needs. It's like they had their children simply for a status symbol yet they don't want to actually have to raise them or spend any time with them. They go to the sitter one day, grandparents the next, a play group the next, grandparents again and before you know it the week has gone by and they've had their children for one or two of those days and then complain how hard it is to raise kids. I have little sympathy or tolerance for those folks.
I gladly stay home with my children. I willingly sacrifice little parts of me, for the time being, for the greater good of our family. However, it would be nice to get a break once in a while to recharge. Having time away, occassionally, makes you appreciate them that much more, which in turn makes me a better, happier, more attentive mommy.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Asshole of the Day

Today was a loooooooong day. My 12 month old son is still sick and while on the mend, is extremely grumpy, clingy, and fussy. My daughter, after 3 days of having to primarily entertain herself, has had enough and decided today was the day to emphasize her frustration with being "neglected." To make matters even worse, my husband is working until midnight tonight.
So, in the midst of my frustration today, and in an attempt to combat a particularly nasty tantrum from my daughter I said, "If this behavior continues mommy is just going to put you into day care and go back to work." My daughter stops her tantrum and says, "I will leave day care and come to your work and find you and stay at work with you. I'm sick of day care." (Keep in mind, she's never been to day care in her life.)
This brings me to the moment where I knew I earned the dubious distinction of Asshole of the Day. Do you ever have those moments where you just feel like you've ruined your kid's world? Where if you could go and take it back, you would, but you can't?
So, I was trying to get some food prepped for dinner, since actually having 30 minutes or more at once to prepare and cook a meal is virtually impossible once children enter the picture. My daughter was sitting at the kitchen table having a snack and I had put my son in his high chair so I could chop onion, tomatoes, and avacado. Both kids were being pissy and ridiculous so I started singing a little chant; something to the effect of, "Mommy needs to get out of the house, put her kids in day care, and go to work." Or at least that was the gist. All of a sudden, my daughter turned around and looked at me, her bottom lip was completely downturned, trembling something fierce, tears were spilling over the brim of her eyelids and she said, "Mommy, I don't want you to go to work. I'll be sad if you leave me." My heart broke in a million pieces right there. I went over and hugged her and told her I wasn't going to leave, but that I was frustrated and I shouldn't have joked around with that song. She clutched me for dear life and it was at that moment I won Asshole of the Day!

I Don't Have The Power

I love my son (and daughter) dearly. I love nothing more than to hold them and cuddle with them. My son, especially, is Mr. Cuddle Bug. However I am now on day 3 of holding my son nonstop. That is not an exaggeration to enlist sympathy. I have LITERALLY been holding him every waking and sleeping moment for 3 WHOLE days now. Granted he has been sick and beyond lethargic. The most activity he has had is changing positions in my arms. It’s heartbreaking, really. However there are only so many consecutive days one can hold a child, sleep with a child and be the receptical of said child's vomit and diarrhea. There comes a point where you just can't do it anymore. I'm pretty sure I have reached that point.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

It is a business, after all...

Our son, unfortunately, has inherited my inferior immune system. I'm the person who catches everything..and it can't just be the common cold or stomach flu. No, I end up with some weird mutations of a common illness. My son seems to have developed this same propensity for catching rare and aggressive illnesses. We spent the day and much of the night in the hospital as he approached 3 days of profuse diarrhea and vomitting, while intaking virtually no fluids. His poor butt looks like raw meat.

I give you that background to ask this: Why are hospitals entirely inefficient in all aspects of operation except when it comes to collecting payment? We waited hours for them to decide that collecting my son's urine truly was not necessary. We waited forever for his medication to be dispensed. However, before the doctor even evaluated my son, before a decision was even made on whether to admit him or not, the financial advisor came to our room "for our convenience" to collect our payment. Here's the rub, aside from being wholly inappropriate when we are focused on keeping our sick and miserable son comfortable. If our son is not admitted and sent home we simply pay a substantial copay. However, if he is admitted the copay is waived and we pay the even more substantial sum of 20% of all services. So, our eager little bill collector was here to get our copay 2 hours before a decision was made on whether to discharge or not.

Why are hospitals slow and borderline incompetent in all facets of their operation except when it comes to collecting payment? Something to ponder....


Daughter was playing with great-grandma in great-grandma's bed. Daughter says, "Good morning old lady."

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Goin' to the Gyno

I have an appointment in a couple of weeks with my gynecologist. Apparently their office is going to all digital records so I was sent paperwork instructing me how to log on to fill out my medical history. So I log on to find 25 pages of questions. I have never discussed my vagina in such detail. They want to know things about my vagina that I don't even want to know. I did find it rather odd when they wanted me to upload a picture of it. Is this standard practice?

Environmental Issues

Found this article interesting. I don't know how any logical, thinking person with an IQ greater than 0 can deny the existance of global warming. Here is yet more evidence.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Random Thoughts from a Tired Housewife

* Why does going on vacation require another "vacation" to recover from the initial vacation?

* Why does it seem like customer service is a thing of the past?

* How comes it seems that the "world" and the people that inhabit said world have drastically deteriorated in the past few years?

* My father shops at Costco at least once a week. Everything the man purchases is from Costco. Today my kids were playing in my daughter's kitchen. She informs my husband that she went shopping to get food. Husband asked where she went shopping. Daughter replies, "I went to Costco. I get all my food at Costco. Grandpa would be so proud." Very true, he would!

* Our son bumps his head more times during the course of the day than I ever thought possible. How this poor kid does not have brain damage is beyond me. He currently has a huge lump on his forehead from falling on the pool deck, a cut under one eye from being hit (on accident) by his sister swinging a huge, hard plastic vaccuum, a bruise under the other eye from cracking it on the corner of a table, and a bruise on his cheek from falling on the porch. People are going to start thinking he is abused.

* I wish I could get some sleep on a regular basis. I can't remember the last time I got to sleep more than 2 hours in a row, entirely uninterrupted. It was over 3 years ago. Some couples are blessed with kids who sleep through the night. We are not one of those couples, unfortunately. On that note, I'm going to bed!

No Baby Pics

Some have asked why all the pictures I post of our kids never show their faces. While I don't claim to be a great photographer, I am not that bad. This is intentional. I will NEVER show my children's faces on an insecure blog site or public domain. There are too many weirdos and creeps out there, surfing the internet looking for adorable children to exploit or worse. So, while I'd love to post pictures of my pride and joys, I won't do it. They are much too precious to risk their safety. Sorry!

My Sweet Affair

Oh, sweet gin it’s been quite a while,
since your taste has made me smile.
Mixed with tonic, topped with lime;
Why has it been such a long time?

Your aroma I sure do enjoy.
Even though I try to play coy.
Dear old friend, we meet again;
house or Hendricks, pour me some gin.

Our time together was well spent.
Thanks for letting me get bent.
But now it’s time to bid adieu;
thanks again and here’s to you!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Moral Courage

"Moral courage is the most valuable and usually the most absent characteristic in men." General George S. Patton, Jr.

There was a time, many would now consider it a sexist and chauvinistic time, when men ruled their household. They were the authority on everything and their word was law. They made decisions about how their family finances would be spent, they made decisions about what was morally acceptable for their family, and they made these decisions and stood resolutely firm in those decisions. I by no means am longing for my husband to revert to his cave man beginnings, but in an overly "politically correct, women’s rights rule-type" of world we currently inhabit it would be nice if men would lead and women would let them. Men often seem hesitant to lead and women are reluctant to be led. But that is the way it must be; it is the way God designed it.
Men have it tough these days. They walk this perpetual tightrope. If they lead too much, many decry that they are sexist or controlling. If they don’t lead enough they are labeled weak or spineless. What’s a man to do? Unfortunately, what a lot of men seem to be doing is backing off. This is to the detriment of their family, though. Their children don’t see strong men or fathers or view them as the leaders in the household. Children want to witness their fathers leading, even if they often disagree with where they are being led. Children also need to witness their fathers pursue their mothers. Not in a sleazy, sexual way, but in a kind, compassionate, and intimate way. They need to know on a regular basis that their father loves and respects and desires their mother.
Men were designed by God to be the Head of the Household. In our house that doesn’t mean what my husband says is law. I’m as much a part of every decision in this house as he is, but he is expected to lead this family emotionally, morally, financially, and ethically. The example he sets and the values he instills are important to our family as a whole, to him as a man, and to our children. Men seem intimidated or afraid to stand up and demand morality from their family. They let their children talk to them in ways I would have never dreamed of talking to my father. They let their wives walk all over them, belittle them in public, and berate them in private. They allow outside perversions to infiltrate and influence their children and their way of life without railing against such intrusions. Men, you must stand up and lead your family. They are counting on you to do so. Luke 12:48 says, "From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked." God has given you a great responsibility and many seem to take that lightly. You are expected to lead by word and example. You will one day be judged on how well you led and the product of your leadership will be your family. The question then becomes, "Is your family currently in a condition that you would be comfortable having God judge you?"

Priceline is my friend is my new favorite website. I have been using it for about 3 months now and have had nothing but great deals and positive experiences. In March we needed to go to Phoenix, so I pricelined and got a hotel for 80 bucks a night. It wasn't a resort, but it was much nicer than just the standard hotel. The room had two separate areas, separated by a door, one for sleeping and the other a living room with kitchenette. Two months later we went to San Diego. Again I pricelined the hotel and we ended up in a 5 star beach front resort for $90 a night when the room rates at that time were $350 a night. Smokin' deal. This weekend we're spending two nights in town. For the first night we got a 4 star resort for $60 dollars a night. That is unheard of. The second night (long story as to why we are changing hotels; purchased through we got a 4 start resort (nicer than the first one) for $69 a night. There are two room types; we're not sure which we'll get, but the "small" room is over 800 square feet. That is bigger than my first 6 apartments. I don't know if I'll ever be able to travel any other way. I'm becoming spoiled. Obviously there is the element of surprise, which potentially may not be such a nice surprise, since you don't get to find out what hotel accepted your offer until AFTER you pay (non-refundable). However, so far it has been worth the risk. We have stayed at some really luxurious hotels and resorts for less money than the local Motel 6 would cost.

What I Know

Here is what I know: I know that in the upcoming Presidential election that regardless of who is elected, no one truly wins. This is a year where I really feel like our country is screwed either way. So, it becomes an issue of which candidate will make you feel more like a one night stand the next morning: each candidate promising the world the night before and the next morning he is no where to be found.

Here is what I know: There is disaster after disaster. Earthquakes, flooding, fires, and more. If ever there was a time God seems to be trying to get our attention, now looks like it might be that time. I can't help but wonder how much more of our perverted society God is going to take before he decides enough is enough. You can only be mocked for so long.

Here is what I know: Right now I am totally content with two kids. When my daughter was my son's current age I had a strong itch to have another baby, thus my son. I have no such itch right now. Two might be it for us.

Here is what I know: Being a stay-at-home mom is the most underappreciated job I can think of. No other job are you asked to sacrifice so much of yourself for the sake of your employer (in this case, my children), work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day (maybe 19 if you actually get 5 hours of sleep. I know I don't but I hear some moms actually do), get no vacation time, no lunch break, no bathroom break, and no pay. Ask most moms though and they wouldn't trade it for the world.

Bumper Sticker Road Rage

I heard the other day that people who put bumper stickers on their vehicle (window decals don't count) tend to be more aggressive drivers and exhibit road rage more often than those who keep their bumpers clean. Why? People who attach bumper stickers view the car as an extension of themselves. They personalize it; therefore, when someone cuts them off in traffic it is a personal offense committed against the car as a part of them, as opposed to an offense committed against just the car. Interesting. My neighbor has at least 15 bumper stickers on her car. Remind me to stay away.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Quick Hits

* My son is officially walking. He is all over the place. It is adorable.
* My daughter is just hysterical. I cannot even begin to describe what a fun personality she has cultivated. It is fun on a daily basis.
* My husband has a strange sense of humor. He thinks he is really funny and a lot of other people think he is hysterical. I find him funny, but a lot of times I just don't find him as funny as he finds himself.
* I have lost 20 pounds, but cannot get over that barrier. It is frustrating. My goal is to lost 50 pounds total by October 12 so I have to find a way.
* My son is up AGAIN, for the tenth time tonight. UGH!!!

Free Press

So, since I've started blogging I often feel torn about what issues to address and how much of my personal opinions should I reveal. There's that feeling that if I "tell it like it is" I risk offending the masses or sometimes even friends and family who read, however if I don't "tell it like it is" then I'm kind of defeating the purpose of this blog. Isn't the purpose to reveal a part of me? Why hold back in a forum that is supposed to be an outlet for me? An outlet that is a written representation of what I think, feel, believe and experience. How fake would I be if I could not be honest and transparent in a blog set up for the purpose of sharing ME, warts and all. I know some of my posts are controversial and I know at times those posts will offend even my closest of friends, not by any direct intention, but rather a result of differing views.
I guess part of writing in any forum is to get a reaction. If people respond and react passionately to what I have written, whether it be positively or negatively, then I know I am doing my "job." It is when people have no response whatsoever to my writing that I should worry.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Friendships Require Diligence

As we get older and our lives veer in different directions it becomes harder to maintain friendships. People often find that they have less in common with certain people than they once did. Oftentimes that realization comes around the time you have kids. There are all these articles out there where people are best friends until they have kids and then they have kids and realize they are just too different and their parenting styles clash too much to remain close. Or one friend has children and the other does not and therefor it is also too difficult to remain friends. I just don’t really understand that entirely. I have many friends that I’ve had before any of us had children. Many of them started having children first and we remained friends. Certain dynamics of our relationship changed, but our friendship and fondness for each other did not. As years followed I had children and again, the dynamic changed but the friendship remained the same. We even moved away from the majority of these friends and I still talk with them on a weekly basis and we are closer than ever, even though we go years without seeing each other. I have friends in town that I’ve known for years, some for months; some with kids and some without. I may not always agree with their ideas or we may do things differently when it comes to raising and caring for our kids and I’m sure they too disagree with certain things I do or have differing views about how they raise their children, but our friendship remains. There is nothing significant enough to disagree upon that could result in the termination of our friendship.
Ultimately, by nature we are different. People do things differently. We have different beliefs, different convictions, and different ways to raise our families. Different doesn’t mean bad or wrong, which is how so many often associate the two. Now, if they were to start sacrificing young children to their gods, that would probably end the friendship. People too easily give up on things when conflict arises. We’re a society that very willingly throws in the towel when the going gets tough. Very few people stick it out and work to maintain these friendships and relationships. There is a great sensitivity people have these days that seem to result from minor disagreements or criticisms. We have become a hypersensitive society that prefers to cut and run instead of dealing with the issues. We see this problem in politics, diplomatic relationships, religious hierarchy, business relationships, and as a result in our personal interactions. I wish we could all just grow up a little.
People treat friendships and other relationships like they are disposable. There’s a disagreement or a difference of views and instead of just accepting those people for who they are we throw down the gauntlet and decide we can’t be friends. Why? In a world where the "me against them" mentality has been cultivated and groomed, where we are essentially born onto "sides" it seems we’d want to rail against this elitism. However, so often we feed into it. All of us. People need to get over petty disagreements and differences in beliefs and look at the core of who or what a person is and decide if that person is worth it. Not if his/her beliefs are worth it; not if his/her faults are worth it, but if that PERSON is worth it. Only then can friendships and relationships remain. We owe it to ourselves to be better than what society has accepted from us in the past. We owe it to our friends, families, and spouses to overlook transgressions and flaws and truly look at the core of who they are. Only then will our relationships and friendships flourish.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'll Save You

My son is exhausting. He is in constant motion all day long and at 27 pounds it is no easy task to carry him, lift him, manuever him around throughout the day. Frankly, he could quite possibly kill me if I don't die of exhaustion first. So, yesterday after being alone with the children for 14 straight hours, only 1 of those during which the children slept, I told my husband, "Please take your son. He seriously is going to send me to an early grave." My daughter looked at me earnestly and with all the compassion in the world said, "Mommy, I"ll save you." It was the sweetest thing. I don't even know if she knows what sending me to a grave means; I doubt it, but she obviously sensed some distress in my tone and wanted to rescue me from that. Melts my heart.

Monday, June 16, 2008


My daughter loves music. I'm not talking about that crappy kiddie music; I'm talking about real, great music. She has great taste too. She was really into the Beatles for a long time and still is, but recently Brandi Carlile is getting it done (not to be confused with Belinda Carlisle of the Go-Go's). She sings "Turpentine" really well. It's cute! I hope this love pf music and the ecclectic (Kimya Dawson) continues.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Signs of Summer

Nothing says summer like grilled corn on the cob and cold iced tea, the pitter patter of wet feet on tile after getting out of the pool, the constant layer of sweat glistening on people's faces, the constant blast of the air conditioner.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tolerance link

By no other explanation than divine guidance I came across a blog post, totally accidentally (by the push of a wrong button while trying to maneuver around my blog site), that had a link about tolerance. God is looking out.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Should I be Offended?

I was at the store today with my daughter, who has a cute little bob haircut, when an older woman approaches and starts talking to her. My daughter is painfully shy, to the point where she'll bury her head and not respond. Anyway, this lady kept talking about her hair and how she had the same hair style when she was a youngster. I commented something to the effect that every little girl at some point has this hair style. She says, "Yeah, I think mothers just didn't know how to do little girl's hair in those days."

I'm sure her comment was harmless, but how am I supposed to take that? Is she insinuating that I don't know how to style my daughter's hair? There are limited options for a 2 year old whose hair is not very long yet (she's had 2 hair TRIMS in her almost 3 years of life. Her hair does not grow, I swear). I know I am probably overly sensitive, but it just struck a chord and I wanted to turn and beat the shit out of the 90 year old woman. I know, I know...there are laws against elderly abuse. Too bad!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mama Cakes

My daughter has taken to calling me "Mama cakes". She refers to herself as "(Her name here) cakes", my husband as "Papa cakes" and her brother as "Baby Cakes." We have no idea where this came from. She knows and is intrigued by the fact that as a child I was called "(My name here) Pie." Maybe that instigated it. In any event, it is cute and endearing.

A New Leaf

All in all, my daughter is a pretty good kid. She is a toddler afterall so she certainly has her days where all is not right with the world and that affects us all. There are some days where being around her can be downright miserable. However, things seem to have changed suddenly this past week and I'm not really sure why. There have been no tantrums, no attacks on her brother, very little backtalk. Those have been replaced with invitations to her brother to play, sharing of her toys, lots of hugs and kisses to me and her brother, and I am told at least 10 times a day, "I love you so much mommy." It's great! I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop. What has come over her? Is this a permanent change? Time will tell.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Out of the Mouths...

Apparently I must study and comment on my garden quite frequently because my daughter has taken to looking out the window over the garden for long periods of time with her monstrous hands on her little, tiny hips declaring, "Mom, you're vegetables are really looking good."

Princesses and Dukes

My daughter has been on a Princess and Duke kick, meaning she is the Princess and her little brother is the Duke. She's beeen playing behind the shower curtain pretending it is her castle. Primarily because I don't want to spend my days playing in the bathroom I convinced her I could make a much cooler castle. (see related photo) It is amazing that merely throwing a sheet up over a crib and rocking chair can provide hours of entertainment for her. Her imagination is amazing. I can hardly keep up with the storyline but she never misses a beat. She remembers EVERYTHING, every minute detail about the story she has created. This is the fun stuff!

Waking Up

This is how I was woken up today. My daughter climbed into our bed, put her arms around my neck and started rubbing my cheek, whispering into my ear, "I love you mommy. I love you mommy." What a great way to wake up. I couldn't think of a better way.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hold the Sugar, Please

I often feel like my husband and I are in the vast minority and it's getting harder and harder. Here's what I mean. We buy almost all organic food, especially dairy and produce. Our kids don't eat meat so that's a non-issue. We don't let our children drink soda, eat candy, load up on sugar, live on Happy Meals or other varieties of fast food, or supplement meals with ice cream and desserts. Admittedly, they have had tastes of all of the above upon occassion. We haven't issued a strict ban, but as a whole our children eat healthy balanced meals and snack on fruit or vegetables and drink water.

We were at the mall the other day and I was watching other parents interact with their children, especially around the food court. I was watching parents dole out snacks in the strollers as they were shopping. Here is what I saw. Children that looked to be as young as 1 drinking soda out of a sippy cup. Kids given donut holes and bags of chips to snack on. Parents buying bags of candy and chocolate from the candy stand and then placing them on the stroller tray for their child to snack on. I admit that I could have caught them on their once in a lifetime moment, but it just seems that with increasing frequency I see kids eating junk and then have to explain to my children that while that may be okay for them to eat in their family it is not okay in ours. My almost-3 year old understands as best she can but all my 1 year old understands is that he wants what they have and he wants it now.

Obviously it is that parents choice what they feed their kids, but then I look around and see all these fat, lazy kids who turn into fat, lazy teens who become fat, lazy adults who then raise their own fat, lazy kids. I would never tell another parent what to give their kid to eat although I may be screaming it inside my head, but at what point does constantly feeding children fat and sugar and cholesterol become a form of child abuse?

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Pinata Etiquette and Birthday Parties

We went to a children's birthday party today for our friends' three year old son. Toward the end there was a pull-string pinata filled with candy. All the little kids gathered around with their bags awaiting the candy to fall out of the CARS pinata. I'm expecting to see a mad dash of kids trying to grab whatever they can and get as much as they can. What I saw instead was the best etiquette I've ever seen when it comes to a pinata. The kids were carefully and pretty quietly picking up candy to stuff in their bags, some even putting back types of candy they didn't like or want. It was all very funny. Each kid got his/her fair share and then some and there still seemed to be some left (the plus side of my friend filling a 3 lb. pinata with 5 lbs. of candy...for the record, it did hold five without breaking, so feel free to exceed the weight limit). Anyway, I just found it funny that kids were so polite and tame when it came to something like candy falling from the sky. Even without parents policing how much candy each child could take they seemed to police themselves. We'll see if we're so lucky when we try it with our daughter's 3rd party next month.

Changing gears, my friend and I happened to be pregnant both times at the same time as each other. So, as such, our children's birthday's are weeks apart, which means 4 birthday parties in the span of 2 months. While I love going to other kid's birthday parties I hate throwing our own kid's parties, simply because of all the work that goes into it. And, in going over to a friend's party, I almost feel back knowing how much work she has put into it and she's probably too exhausted to enjoy it. At least that's how I feel half of the time. It takes days of planning and shopping and prepping and cooking just to have a simple party of oftentimes finger foods and cake. My husband and I, and most of our friends, are of the belief that kid's birthday parties should be kept simple. None of us plan big elaborate shindigs that are over the top. However, during the planning stages and preparation it sure feels like it. Would it be wrong to quit having birthday parties for my kids?????

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Losing Faith in Humankind

There were a few frustrating/discouraging experiences I had overall general stupidity and rudeness.
yesterday. I really am convinced we live in a world of decreasing intellect and
1. My kids have been sick for weeks now and I've been sick for about a week. That being said, I am a bit grouchy and totally exhausted. Being sick is hard enough, but having to take care of sick kids when you yourself are sick is downright cruel. Anyway, I had a doctor's appointment yesterday so my mom came over to watch the kids. After my appointment I went across the street to fill my perscriptions. My cell started ringing and it was my mom. I don't leave my kids much so I thought maybe something had happened or there was a problem. I answered the phone, but I have been having extensive problems with my phone and once again the piece of shit locked and so I said, "Can you hear me? Mom, can you hear me?" TWICE in a normal tone of voice. The man in front of me who was some type of delivery man to the pharmacy, real sarcastically said, "Yeah, I can hear ya." I responded by saying, "Oh, funny man." or something to that effect. He then turned around and said, "Well, you asked if I could hear you." To which I said, "You know I wasn't talking to you so you don't need to be an asshole." He then started shaking his hands at his side going, "whoaaa, hohoho." I finally just looked at him and said, "Look, I'm really not in the mood for this crap." The pharmacist stood there shocked, just staring. I locked eyes with the jerk until he walked away. I'm just not putting up with snide remarks anymore. People don't say things to your face, but rather snidely with the full intent of you hearing. If someone has something to say they need to say it to my face because I am done playing nice.
2. We went out to breakfast after the appointment. The waitress came to take our order. My daughter wanted the kids meal that came with pancakes and bacon. Only my daughter doesn't eat meat, so I told the waitress to hold the bacon but replace it with toast. She looked at me like I'd asked her to find a cure for cancer while granting world peace. She said, "Oh, I can't do that, but it you want you can get this.." and proceed to point out food from the adult menu that is much more expensive that includes 4 pancakes and then the choice of 2 sides, one of which she tells me can be toast. I just said, "no, I dont want that. My daughter doesn't eat meat. I want toast, but not bacon." She finally agreed but then had a chip on her shoulder. I was not rude or patronizing in the least. She practically threw the food on the table, never once came back to check on us or refill our drink and then once I asked for the check, kind of threw it at me. WHAT THE HELL? What is wrong with her? What happened to the customer is always right?
3. Insurance companies are tight-assed greedy bastards who have become worse these past 8 years since Jackass Bush has been in office. So, I have a history of migraines....have had them for years. Have been under a doctor's care for them for years. So, there is much documentation. They have gotten worse and a bit different lately, so I went to see the doctor a few weeks ago. He ran some preliminary blood tests, all of which came back normal. He then ordered a cat scan, which I found out yesterday my insurance company denied. The reason? I haven't been on medication/drugs for long enough. Here's the problem. My migraines got significantly worse when I got pregnant with my daughter. So, for the past 4 years I've either been pregnant or breastfeeding. No migraine medication is safe while pregnant or breastfeeding. I'm still breastfeeding. So, until I've been on medication for a while...they don't define when "a while" is they will not grant the cat scan. So, in the meantime I'll just have to wait it out as my doctor continues to submit the cat scan, hoping against hope, that they eventually approve it. Meanwhile I'll just sit here praying it's not a brain tumor, hemoragge, anyuerism, etc. that will kill me and take my two young children's mother away from them prematurely. Insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies are in bed together. Ya think? Whose fault is that? Give ya a hint. It rhymes with tush, as in Our President is a pain the...


Overheard: My almost 3 year old daughter telling my 12 month old son, "That was not very nice. Now, tell me that you're sorry." Poor son just stares as he has about a 10 word vocabulary, "sorry" not being one of them. She continues, insisting, "Now, tell me that you're sorry. Right now. Say sorry."

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cable Deal

So, we don't watch a lot of TV and the TV we do watch is seen on all the basic cables. As such we get 13 channels and pay 15 bucks a month for it. We then pay 50 big ones for high speed internet. A friend of mine just switched our our cable/internet company and told us she got a year of high speed internet, digital cable, and on-demand (their version of tivo) for 65 bucks a month. She suggested we call to see if they'd give us the promotion.

So, I had the hubby call today and shocker of all shockers they actually agreed to give us the promotion. So, for the next year we will have like 100 channels or something crazy like that. We have had 13 channels since June of 2003...FIVE YEARS. It'll be like a whole new world. I won't even know where to begin. The total nerd in me is most excited about the cooking channels and all the extended news channels. How lame is that?

Quick Hits

* I feel awful. Stuffy head, runny nose...sometimes bloody, cough, etc. Make it stop.
* I saw Sex and the City today. Can I just say FABULOUS!!! Worth seeing over and over again. Trust me, I will...when it comes out on video.
* Our kids are really great when we go out to eat. I often take that for granted, but when I see how poorly other people's kids often behave in public, it make me really proud of mine. Makes me even prouder when other people notice.
* When did our world become so scary? It's terrifying to be a parent these days with all the possible things that can happen to our children. It would be nice to parent in a time when our parents or our grandparents got to parent. Things were much simpler and much more safe then.
* Husband is determined to plant grass in the backyard. Last time the dogs ruined it in under a week. There are designs for a fence to keep her out, but we'll see...
* My daughter has really taken to gardening. She's very responsible with it too. Every morning after she gets up she gets her shoes on and want to go water all the plants, flowers, and vegetables. She's such a neat kid!
* While entirely anti-McCain, I'm not sure if I am pro-Obama either. God help us all. Where's Al Gore when you need him?
* Just watched Season 3 of Weeds. Not impressed. My husband and I were huge fans of Seasons 1 and 2. 3 did not live up to the hype. A disappointment.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

As I mentioned previously, this past Sunday we celebrated our son's first birthday. While our day certainly ended well, it started out with a very terrifying experience. We were upstairs and heard this rapid pounding; very loud, made our house shake. It sounded like it was right in our backyard. We had no idea what it was. A minute or two passed and then we heard it again. We looked outback but didn't really see anything so we took the kids out front and started watering the plants.

Within a few minutes a cop came speeding in and asked my husband where the shots came from. My husband told him where he thought the sound originated from and we rushed the kids inside. Now, gunshots are not a common occurrance in our neighborhood. We live in a quiet neighborhood in a good part of town. There is very little crime in our area. So, this was shocking.

After the cops all show up we went out back to where we could have a good view and overheard that a man drove through and shot up multiple houses with an assault rifle and then took off. Obviously, the events unfolded over the next few hours and more information has come to light in the past few days. Turns out this crazed shooter lived in our neighborhood, had a history of mental problems, went and put 40-plus rounds from an assault rifle through the front door of house #1, ripping through the couch and back wall and ending up in the backyard. The homeowner, thankfully, was not home. He then sprayed a second home with 40-plus bullets as well. These people were home, but were uninjured. He then led police on an hour long chase across town; he shot three cops, one of whom died the next day. There are many more details that are not pertinent to the point of this post. My point is this: We are so lucky. We were outside with our children as this shooter sped off. We have been living around the corner from him. My kids play in the common area that backs up to his backyard. The homes he shot were targeted homeowners with which he had disagreements. One of whom was the man whose backyard was directly across from the shooters. What if my kids were too loud one day and he chose us as targets? You never think this type of thing will happen where you live, but it did.

We have much to be thankful for. Things could have been much worse. They were awful enough. A man with a young daughter turning one this weekend was killed. As we celebrate our son's first year of life it is depressingly tragic that he and his wife won't get to celebrate their daughter's first year together. Instead they will be burying their husband and father.

Constant Crud

My daughter has been sick on and off for 2 weeks now. It is now down to a hacking cough and runny nose. This morning my son woke up with the same symptoms and I have cold symptoms and a sore throat. My kids used to NEVER get sick. Then in April I started going to the gym. The kids play in a child watch for an hour 5 days a week and now it seems they are always sick. I'm hesitant to give that up because a) I'm losing weight and b) it's the one thing I consistently do for myself. I need it for my mental and physical health. Is it a fair trade off? I'm not sure.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Birthday Party Fun

Our son turned 1 and of course that requires a party. It went off without a hitch and fun was had by all. Our two kids were perfect. Big sister even let birthday boy open his presents without too much "help" on her part. The cousins came over and that was good and some good friends of ours also came with their two children, friends with our kids of course, so that was cool too. Obviously grandma and grandpa came and "Old" Grandma (aka great-grandma) came too. There was lots of eating, playing outside, playing inside, laughing, and cake. For it being such a pain in the ass to prepare for it turned out being a good day.