Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Back to School

Well, our son started Kindergarten this past Monday. This past summer was a rough one for me and while I normally become incredibly depressed sending our kids back to school, this summer I was ready. The week before we went to meet his teacher and check out his classroom. He is going to the same small, private school where he attended pre-school. His class size is 12 and it is ALL BOYS (I am going to have to buy his teacher booze for Christmas)!

 This is him on his first day. He is a huge Miami Heat fan and his favorite player is the Birdman. The night before school he drew tattoos all over his body. It took forever to scrub them all off. I settled and allowed him to rock the mohawk on his first day.
 Me and my boy being silly before school!
 Here he is sitting at his desk and reading (pardon the ass in the background).
 He survived (and thrived) on his first day. He said he had so much fun but had to do "a lot of math. It's tiring."
 My husband was able to leave work a bit early to surprise our son at pick up.
 Apparently being in Kindergarten is exhausting because he did not make it through Costco.
 In celebration we went to check out this new pizza place by our house that has huge, flat screen tv's at each table where you can play video games. The kids loved it.
All in all, I am expecting it to be a great year for him. My daughter starts school tomorrow and I will likely start a Master's program next month. This year will likely be incredibly busy but I'm excited!!