Sunday, August 31, 2008

Made Our Day

Our 15 months old son said, "I love you" last night to me and my husband. Although it sounded more like "I wuv ooh." Anyway, you slice it, it was awesome. Plus he said it close to a dozen times and has continued saying it today. (You always fear the first time they say something it is just a fluke). It certainly made our day.


Nancy said...

That is so wonderful! "I Love You" is something my husband, son and I always tell each other every day.
A kiss hello and goodbye too. Cody will kiss his father in front of all his friends - he doesn't care.

Moxymama said...

That's awesome! You obviously raised a loving and secure young man. We say "I love you" everyday too. It has just become ingrained as part of our everyday life.