Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nighttime Sentiments

I was putting my daughter to bed tonight and below is the conversation that ensued.

Me: I love you so much and am so proud of you. You did such a terrific job at dance class today.

Daughter: Thanks. I love you too. I'm tired from all that dancing.

Me: You must be. You were a dancin' fool.

(silence for a few minutes)

Daughter: I love you mommy and am so proud of you.

Me: That's so sweet. Why are you proud of me?

Daughter: You are such a good mommy and such a sweet mommy.

Me: Oh, you are such a sweetheart and I love you so much.

It is conversations like these that assure me our daughter is being raised right.


Trippy Hippy said...

You are doing something right. Sweet.

Gena B. said...

That is so sweet.

Gypsy Gal said...

Oh, what a wonderful daughter and mother.

Emerald said...

Sounds like you have a sweet relationship with your daughter.