Monday, July 14, 2008

Quick Hits from the World of Illness

* I'm checking into our room at the resort today, obviously taking my two sick kids (reservations were made months ago and there are no refunds). This can go one of two ways. It could be nice and relaxing because we will all be in one room. It'll, as a result, be easier for me to keep an eye on them, as I am now sick too, and it won't matter if the kids make a mess. Or the kids could become even more cranky because they are sick and away from home and we are all in one room, thus making it impossible for me to hide or escape. I'm hoping for the first option.
* Keflex is hard on my son's stomach. He is having the most God-awful gas and poop. Unbelievably smelly. Toxic!
* This week of illness by the numbers:
- Number of boxes of Kleenex used: 7
- Number of baths in last five days: 29 total
- Number of hours at Urgent Care: 1 ( amazing really)
- Number of diapers son has pooped thru in past 2 days: 13
- Number of loads of laundry to wash all ifected clothes and sheets over past 5 days: 19 and counting
- Number of burp cloths that double as hankies used by my daughter: 39 and counting
- Amount of money we spent on doctors and medicines in one day: $120
- Number of hours I spent curled up in a fetal position crying for the illness to end: None yet, but I anticipate at least 2 solid hours of wailing in my future.

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