Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Oh Doctor, Where Art Thou?

Well the reunion is still going on with more family arriving today, but I brought the kids home. They both relapsed and we ended up back at the doctor this morning and at Urgent Care again this evening. Neither is responding, as he/she should, to the antibiotic. Son’s ear infection has gotten worse and now he has another one in his other ear. This should not happen while on an incredibly strong dose of antibiotics. They have changed the antibiotic and upped the dose amount again. To complicate matters I have laryngitis and have had no voice the past two days. Very difficult to try to mime to the doctors what is wrong with your child. Everyone, understandably, is a little grumpy and very tired. Son woke up at 11 last night just moaning and on fire. His temperature had risen to 103.8. I ended up just rocking him all night. He finally fell asleep at 4:30 AM and slept until 6:30 AM when his temp appeared to break and he woke up freezing in a puddle of sweat. This bout of illness has just been unreal. He has battled so many different viruses in his short year of life. My daughter on the other hand hardly ever gets sick, but she too has been hit hard. According to our doctor and the Urgent Care docs this type of summer virus is common. Doesn’t make it any more bearable.

I will say this though. For being as sick as they are, the kids have been incredibly good. Sure there are moments of mayhem, but they are some of the happiest sick kids I’ve ever seen. Anyone with children, mothers especially, can attest to the fact that you never feel as helpless as you do when your children are sick. You want so much to be able to fix them and make them feel better and that is more often than not way beyond the scope of our powers. The best we can do is comfort them, reassure them, and love them. So, that is what I’ll continue to do all the while praying desperately for their recovery so this vicious cycle ends.

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