Sunday, March 1, 2009

School Bells Ringin'

Last year we contemplated enrolling our daughter in preschool primarily for the social interaction. She was adamantly opposed and since I don't really believe preschool is necessary for future educational success we opted to enroll her in a ballet and tap class instead. That, coupled with regular play dates, more than compensated for the previous lack of social exposure. Then I started going to the gym and leaving the kids in the Child Watch and she loved it. She made friends easily and looked forward to that each day.

So, my husband and I started thinking she may like preschool and revisited the idea. We had no idea how she would react so we brought it up cautiously to gauge her interest. To our surprise she insisted on going. So we took her and showed her around and she loved it. She now can't wait to turn four so she can go to school.

Truly, I am a little sad, but I am also really excited for her. She has blossomed so much socially in this past year that I am amazed. She loves other kids and makes friends with such ease that it is hard to believe that she is the same little girl that just a year ago wouldn't consider speaking to another child unless forced.

Come Monday, I will be standing in line bright and early trying to ensure my child a spot in a preschool class at a school that she loves. Because while I would love to be able to keep her home one more year, she has her heart set on going to "her" preschool. And because I am her mommy and love her dearly I want what she wants. Wish me luck.


Shiloh Guy said...

Hi Sarah,

I saw your comment on John Armstrong's blog about Tulare and Shafter and clicked on your blog, so here I am. If your husband's uncle is the pastor of the Mennonite-Brethren church in Shafter, then he is my good friend across the street, Pat Coyle. When we moved to Shafter in late July of '08 we bought the house right across the street and have become good friends! Pat and Lisa have been so welcoming to Mia and me and so open to helping us learn to get around the community. Hope to meet you if you ever come back to Shafter!

Shiloh Guy said...

It occurs to me that I would love to hear back from you about whether the Coyles are your relatives. You could either just click on my name in the comments section and be directed to my blog or email me at Thanks, Sarah!