Monday, March 9, 2009

Knees, Don't Fail Me Now

I have a history of knee problems, primarily from overuse and playing through years of injuries. My sophomore year of college after tearing cartilege and ligaments in a basketball game I underwent surgery and minus occassional pain and stiffening when the weather gets cold it has been fine since.

Last year I tore the miniscus in my right knee and since I was no longer a "competative athlete" the doctor said it could heal itself if I stayed off it, which I did, and avoid surgery.

When I started my return to exercise last April I started off slow, knowing I am not as young as I used to be. My knees did pretty well. I took a 5 month hiatus and recently returned a couple weeks ago. I didn't ease back into as I should have, but instead started interval training at high speed and incline on the treadmill. Not my smartest decision. I felt something pop last Thursday, had quite a bit of pain, and while I quit sprinting I did finish my remaining time on a bike in pain, stupidly trying to push through it. By that evening I was in horrible pain and by Friday I could hardly move.

I was given an array of pain meds until I can get in this week to see the surgeon and they alleviated enough pain this weekend that I was walking around pretty well. I was even able to do "light" gardening. The problem is that the meds make me so tired and groggy and mess with my vision quite a bit. Fine if my husband is home to help with the kids as he was all weekend, but not so fine now that it is Monday and he is back at work.

So, now my choices have become a)take the meds and possibly lose, hurt, scare, or pass out on my children leaving them to fend for themselves because I'm royally doped up or b)be in near excruciating pain but completely sober. I have chosen b for obvious reasons, but let me tell ya, it was not a fun day. Worse yet, I am dreading the possibility that the doctor will recommend surgery which is a real likelihood for this type of injury. My grandma is 80 with severe back problems, my mother is in a cast recovering from foot surgery, my father is in DC, and my husband has to work. Who the heck will take care of my kids if I can't walk for weeks?

So, I ask you to send good vibes my way and hope that surgery can somehow be avoided or postponed to a more convenient time. Like when my children are grown.


Joanne said...

Oh that sounds painful! Fingers crossed that rest and compresses will do the trick? Good luck!

Kathy said...

Sending thoughts and affirmations of healing your way. This is where friends and family come in - where relying on our network and accepting help reminds us of how connected we are - and need to be.

A lot depends on how old your children are. When I was confined to bed in my third pregnancy for a couple of weeks, I had several friends who helped with the daily work (groceries, laundry, and meals) and my two older daughters (only 4 and 1 1/2 at the time) helped take care of Mommy for a couple of weeks. They enjoyed the new responsibility and became very serious about making sure mommy and their future sibling were ok. It ended up being a very close and meaningful time for us.

Let others in your area know of your need - those of us who are nearby will be glad to help. And those of us who are not so geographically close will send positive thoughts your way.