Friday, March 20, 2009

And This Is Why I May Never Leave My Home Again

....because the roads in Tucson are filled with idiots that hail from Mexico and California.

They don't know the reason why there are lines painted on the road. Uh, hello they are to designate which lane you should drive in. And, no, if you are not sure you should not just drive in both. Also, that lever on your steering wheel column is a signal. It lets the drivers that you routinely cut off and narrowly miss hitting know where you plan to go ahead of time. Crazy concept, I know. They clearly haven't learned their colors yet as most view a red light as a challenge, as in "I bet I can get through this intersection without slamming into an oncoming car." Half the time they are wrong. They also rarely have car insurance so when they do cause an accident they certainly won't be held responsible. If they drive drunk and kill someone, which sadly happens often here, they just run back to Mexico.

As for the Californians. I know you have 51 million freeways and I know in your state driving like a maniac is a badge of honor. But here in Tucson with our one freeway, there is not enough road to drive like you do in California. So maybe you could tone the speed down to 75 mph from 125mph and maybe you could limit your lane changes to one lane change at a time instead of trying to cross four in a single maneuver. We locals would be appreciative.


Joanne said...

Oh boy, sounds like you had an unpleasant day on the road. There are days when before I even drive a block from home, someone's right on my tail, ready to drive me off the road. It's so frustrating, and I agree, there's been a deterioration in driving these days. A sign of the times maybe? Stress? The economy? I don't know what the answer might be.

Nancy said...

I feel your pain! I don't think alot of people know what that stick on the steering column is here in Connecticut either.