Thursday, March 19, 2009

Duck Duck Deuce

My husband has, upon occasion, referred to a certain act involving elimination of waste as "dropping the deuce." I hate the term and when my daughter repeated it was quick to inform her that that was not appropriate word choice. So, today when I picked her up from the child care at the gym she tells me that some kids were saying "deuce". I was a bit confused because I couldn't really understand the context that they might be using it, so I asked her some questions for my own clarification. She continued to say that they said, "deuce" and that they should not be saying that word because it is a bad word. I asked her what else they were saying. She said, "They were running and saying, 'Duck, Duck, Deuce'."

The light went on and I asked her if maybe they were saying, "goose" as in "Duck Duck Goose." She insisted that it was "deuce", not "goose". So, apparently at the gym the game all the cool kids are playing is "Duck Duck Deuce." :)

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Joanne said...

I used to love Duck Duck Goose, oh the anticipation of being tagged Goose!