Saturday, March 14, 2009

They Call Me Tin Tin....That's Not My Name

I'm not big on nicknames for kids, but am guilty of giving my kids silly nicknames that anyone outside our family would find strange. My daughter seemed to have a dozen different nicknames at different stages. When our son was born we really only referred to him by his actual name. Then I started calling him Beastie Boy because he was such a big baby. That morphed into The Beast or Beasters. My mom then started referring to him as Bubba occassionally, but still he is primarily called by his name.

Well, this week he started referring to himself as Tin Tin. If we would ask him his name or anyone else would ask his name he'd say, "My name Tin Tin." And he's insistent about it. Our daughter will tease him and say, "My name is Tin Tin" to which our son will say, "No, no, my name Tin Tin." We have no idea where he got it, what it means, or what he may really be trying to say. It is the strangest thing. It's like he has given himself a nickname.

My daughter then tells me today that she wants a new name too and henceforth wants to be called "Princess Tinkerbell."

So, apparently we now have Tin Tin and Tinkerbell.


Joanne said...

Oh we've gone through the name thing here, too. Funny thing is, with the kids grown now, we still come up with random nicknames and have lots of laughs with it! Enjoy Tin Tin and Tinkerbell :)

Nancy said...

Isn't Tin Tin from some old old comic or cartoon? Where did he come up with that?
Our son is Coco (said clearly or like a monkey would), Coco-moco, and oddly, Smookie.
Love nicknames!

Moxymama said...

You know there is Rin Tin Tin, which neither of our children has ever had any exposure to, but that is what it reminds me of. I have no idea where he got it. I wonder if he is trying to say something else or if Tin Tin is the intended name.