Sunday, March 29, 2009

And The World Goes Black

All across the globe on Saturday lights went out in honor of Earth Hour. By all accounts it was a huge success and I’m sure those that spearheaded this movement are pleased with the results. While we participated I realize there are many that didn’t and frankly I don’t really care. So, that is why it surprises me so much that many of those NOT participating were so vocal in their opposition. What’s it to them if others do choose to participate? Why do some view it as a personal affront to their ideology if someone wants to shut off his/her lights?

Furthermore, I really don’t grasp the REASON behind the opposition to conserving resources. Even if you don’t believe in global warming, which unfortunately many don’t, and even if you feel it is your duty, mission, and God-given right to rape and pillage our earth and waste its resources why is the general idea of conservation so ridiculed and loathed?

Why would anyone want to pump vast amounts of pollution into our air making it more difficult to breathe? Anyone who has been to California can attest to the fact that pollution is a problem. Even if you feel it does nothing to actually damage the earth’s ozone layer or contribute to global warming why would you want to breath that air or allow your children to breath that air? Why is one’s concern for the quality of air he/she breaths criticized as part of some liberal left agenda?

Additionally, why not cut down on water, electric, and gas usage simply as a means to cut costs? For those that consider themselves fiscally conservative it is amazing the amount of waste (in the form of their almighty dollar) they are willing to waste just out of spite. Even if you believe, in my opinion naively and incorrectly, that there is an unlimited supply finite resources (there is a reason they are called FINITE as opposed to INFINITE) wouldn’t we all like to see a lower water bill or electric bill? While my husband and I are conscious about the resources we use because we do believe we have an obligation to treat the earth responsibly not far in the back of our minds is the bottom line: how much will this cost?

It is interesting to me that so many who disagree with the science of environmentalism have to not simply just disagree but to make it their personal mission to insult, criticize, and ridicule those who are concerned about the effects we have on our earth. Is it not enough to just simply disagree? If not, why?

Going back to Earth Hour. If it is not important to you why not leave your lights on, watch your TV, work on your computer, or take a drive you would have otherwise taken? But why lambaste those who choose to participate for an hour. Not only that but why make it a point to use more electricity or other resources than you would normally? To prove a point? What exactly is the point and to whom are you proving it? To me it seems the only point made is that you are a moron who just increased your utility costs for no reason other than spite.

I simply don’t know when, for many, caring about our earth became such a bad thing. Why is that something to mock and ridicule or label a liberal conspiracy to undermine the family or other individual rights? It must be a heavy burden to constantly feel so persecuted. As my husband likes to say, “Get down off that cross, we need the wood.” I guess simply I’ll close by saying that the illogical rational of many in our nation is simply frightening and mind-boggling. It is one thing to disagree, but another to make it a personal obsession and mission to relentlessly try to discredit, insult, or crucify those who hold beliefs opposite to your own.

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