Monday, November 24, 2008

The Fat Girl

This is me on Christmas Day 2007 (the fat one). Pictures don't lie and it's depressing to see I really was that fat.
This is me on October 2008 (30 pounds lighter). I think I still need to lose another 10-15, but at least I'm not the fat girl anymore...not that there is anything wrong with that, but it is nice to fit into smaller sized clothing and be in better shape and lead a more active lifestyle.


Joanne said...

Wow, congratulations to you! That is no easy feat. You must feel great! It's true, a more active lifestyle works wonders, almost gets addicting. I just got back from a 2-mile walk, not having walked in almost a week, and I really miss it when that happens. You look great, kudos to you.

Nancy said...

Congratulations Moxy! I can empathize because I have pictures taken that catapaulted me straight into a diet.
You're on the right track and I know you'll keep doing great.

Emerald said...

You look great. I have pictures that make me want to go under the knife for head to toe plastic surgery. Congrats!!