Tuesday, November 4, 2008

In Lieu of an Actual Post

* I have been anxious all day to learn of the election results. So much is riding on this.
* After a month break from the gym due to illness, work demands, and a variety of other reasons I returned today in the hopes to lose my final 10-15 pounds before the New Year. It felt great!
* If I say the word "cry" my 17 month old son says, "Mama" in his whiniest voice and contorts his face into the saddest look before cracking up laughing.
* My son got into my grandmother's blood pressure medication today. It was our first call to poison control. Fortunately, all ended up okay, but it was a scary couple of hours.
* My husband was putting books back on my daughter's bookshelf when she walked in and told him he wasn't doing it right. She then said, "What are we going to do with you? Daddy we might just have to sell you."

On that note, have a great night and by this time tomorrow we should have a new President-Elect


Nancy said...

How scary that must have been when your son swallowed those pills! And...congratulations on getting back into the gym. I am in a really mentally bad place right now with regards to exercise, eating right and my body that I feel like an alcoholic waking up every morning for help taking one day at a time.

Emerald said...

Everyone be careful about your medications safely out of reach. I am happy your son is ok.