Monday, November 10, 2008

Free Books

I read about this pretty cool opportunity on Mark's blog. Basically you apply to this site and you can request books from the select list they provide. You then read the book, provide a review of the book on your site and on a consumer site, such as Amazon, and you then get to keep the book. Once the two reviews are posted you can request your next book.

So, I signed up and was approved. Today I got to choose from a selection of only about 7 books (two of which were children's books though). I reluctantly selected the Lynne Spears book...although I admit I am a little bit curious about what goes on in that family.

Anyway, I am now awaiting my book. I think the next time I may request a children's book. I figured it is a great way to get free books, not to mention being exposed to books I might otherwise have overlooked.


Robyn said...

Your post title contains two of my most FAVORITE words!

I am definitely checking this out -- right now.

Mark said...

Glad to hear you're taking advantage of this opportunity. I'm hoping my first book will come by next week!

Joanne said...

Not to mention it's another avenue to take your writing down, more experience, more clips. Maybe some of the reviews can be segued into your local or state paper's Arts section?

Emerald said...

Oh, good idea, Joanne. Moxy you may want to look in that direction when you feel the time is right.