Friday, November 14, 2008

Quick Hits

* I'm a pretty casual dresser (jeans and t-shirts or khakis and sweaters)and since I stay home with the kids there are not many occassions that call for professional dress. Today I had to go and teach a class, which is the first outside the house job I've had since having children. Obviously, I dressed professionally and as I was leaving my daughter gasps and puts her hands up to her mouth and says, "Oh mommy, you just look soooooo beautiful in that." It was enough to melt my heart.

* One of my writing jobs for an online publication is to cover local events and activities, photograph them and then write a brief article. Nine times out of ten I attend these alone with both children. What could be a simple 30 minutes becomes a two hour event loading and unloading children, strollers, etc. It's nice that I have the flexibility to take my kids to "work" and then work from home to complete the article, but it is also a royal pain in the butt much of the time.

* One of our neighbors has already started decorating his house for Christmas. This is a guy who goes all out. He puts the Griswold's to shame. My daughter loves it. We have to walk down the street every night to see the lights and displays and since it is still under construction there is something new each night for her to "ooh" and "aah" over.

* I've lived in Arizona almost my entire life. I am still not used to the heat. I hate that it is November and still 80 degrees. It just seems wrong. If the opportunity presented itself I'd move back east in a heartbeat. The one saving grace that Arizona possesses is its Mexican food. I've traveled all over and there is not a state that comes close. It is the one thing I would greatly miss if I were ever to move.

* It is 7:40pm. Both kids are asleep. This NEVER happens. I am logging off and am going to go read and watch some TV.

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Emerald said...

Virginia has all kinds of good food. But Mexican is not one of those food groups.