Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Oh, the Horror

I have a history of lower back problems dating back to my college basketball playing days. I used to have to spend hours in the training room getting treatment and stretched before practices or games and then hours after practices or games getting stretched, more treatment, and then iced. When I was done playing I had hoped the back problems would get better and overall they have. However, every couple of months my lower back will go out and render me completely helpless. Back in my pre-kid days I would wait it out in bed. However, that really isn't an option anymore so I pretty much just have to find a way to get mobile and ignore the excruciating pain.

A few days ago I could feel some soreness in my back. Being the moron I am I decided to go ahead and go to the gym anyway and proceed with my usual exercise routine which consists of running (on a treadmill) for 20-30 minutes and then lifting weights. Stupid move. By tonight I couldn't get off the floor. In fact I am still laying on the floor as I type this. I am in horrible pain to the point where I am sick to my stomach. For whatever reason running sometimes sets it off...I just never know exactly when.

Anyway, there is really no point to this rambling other than to say I am praying for relief....or death, whichever comes first at this point.


Emerald said...

Back pain is hard to live with and it such a common complaint. I am quite sure when you were playing BB in college you did not get to sit out while your back healed properly. Heating pad help?

Nancy said...

OUCH! I can imagine it feels terrible - get well soon!

Robyn said...

Get yourself to a chiropractor -- STAT!!

(I always wanted to say "STAT")

Moxymama said...

Thanks for the well wishes. Barely mobile today.

Joanne said...

Hope you're feeling better. (Are you just trying to get out of that LSAT class?) ;)