Sunday, November 2, 2008

My Weekend By the Day

FRIDAY: Good ol' Halloween. We got things started off right by attending a live performance by the BoDeans. They were fantastic and truly I had chills throughout much of the performance. They are one of those rare bands where they actually sounded more incredible live than they do on CD. After spending a couple hours at the "concert" we came home and spent some time playing outside. I was even able to convince both kids to sleep since I knew we'd be up late trick or treating and I wanted to avoid a public meltdown. That evening we headed over to my sister's house and had dinner and then hit the pavement at 6 pm to begin trick or treating. My daughter and niece (separated by only 5 months) went as Cinderella and Tinkerbell, respectively. They went hand-in-hand to each home all night. Very precious. Once my daughter's bag got full, though, she declared that she had enough candy and was done. My son also had a great time stopping frequently to admire all the decorations. The people got a kick out of him constantly saying, "Tank ooh" for "Thank you." So, by 7:45 pm we went back to my sisters' to get the kids in their pj's. They played with their cousins for a while and then we headed home and kids were out by 9:30....not too bad for an eventful night.

SATURDAY: My husband had to work so I spent most of the day playing, reading and watching Tinkerbell with the kids. Later in the evening we attended a wine tasting, which was a much needed change in pace from what our frenetic pace of late has been.

SUNDAY: Girls Day (and a grandpa)! I wanted to take my daughter to a Celtic Festival and invited my folks to come along. My husband stayed home with our son for some man time. It was a blast. There were performances by Irish bands, Irish step dancers and Scottish highland dancers. There was great food, beer, wine, amd even mead. There was even a petting zoo, which my daughter loved. I have never seen so many men in skirts (yes, I know they are kilts) and frankly they were pretty sexy. Maybe that should become traditional men's wear. There were a variety of events that passed as games in times of yore. Really, it was a terrific time but it was outside and so incredibly hot. I spent a few hours in the evening finishing up articles that I needed to submit to my editor and battled with computer issues that really make me just want to throw the damn thing out the window. I finally finished up the two articles I had looming over my head and called it a night.

So tell me how your weekend was spent?


Nancy said...

I think I've heard of the BoDeans - I went on their website and they sound like my kind of music! That must have been fun.
Halloween was a slow night here - not many kids; Saturday was spent at a college football game and Sunday was a little bit of relaxing, went for a long walk and knitting.

Joanne said...

Very quiet Halloween (my kids are older), but started planning Thanksgiving w/my daughter. When we listed all the menu items for the day, it's amazing how much goes into it! So I'll chip away at that list during the next couple weeks. Did a little yard work, a little writing, and then it's Monday!