Sunday, June 21, 2009

Shot Down on Father's Day

Our daughter informed us this weekend that when she is a mommy she is going to have three kids and name them Moses, Aurora, and Belle. This then led to the discussion of whether or not she wanted any more brothers or sisters. She replied no and that she definitely does not want a sister (I think she likes the idea of being the only girl). When I told her she could help take care of a baby sister she replied that she wouldn't help because it is enough work helping to take care of her brother right now. My husband said, "That's not very nice. Princess Aurora would help and she has lots of sisters."

My daughter, not missing a beat, said, "Daddy, Princess Aurora does not have any sisters. She is an only child."

I guess if you are going to try to use stories to illustrate a point you ought to be familiar the details. Daughter: 1, Daddy: 0.

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