Monday, June 8, 2009

You Are Under Arrest????

A young man is getting married. His buddies decide to rent a huge U-Haul, fill it with couches, chairs, and coolers of beer, and drive it around from location to location for the Bachelor Party, as a type of "Party Bus." These same buddies decide it would be fun to "kidnap" the groom from his fiance's house. To do this they wear ski masks and end up dragging the groom from the house with his hands tied and face covered. A neighbor standing in her front yard, witnesses this and calls police to report a kidnapping. The "Party Bus" is pulled over; keep in mind the boys in back have no idea what is going on. They think they are at a stop light. The driver of the "Party Bus" tries to explain, with little success, that the "kidnapped" is a willing participant. Soon, the back of the U-Haul opens two feet, cops have guns drawn, ordered all the boys out with their hands up. They walk out to discover they are surrounded by five police cars and two motorcycle cops. Because there is no AC in the back, and it is Arizona, some of these guys are in various stages of undress.

The boys are lined up along the side of the road. The cops pull the groom aside to make sure he is indeed a soon-to-be groom and not an actual victim. The cops also start asking for ID which is in the pants that were left in the U-Haul. The cops then climb in and start sifting through pants to find ID's, a sight that amused the boys standing on the side of the road in their boxers.

Once they determine it is indeed a bachelor party the cops don't know what to do. The boys overhear this conversation:

Cop 1: What the f#@! do we do now?
Cop 2: How the F#@! should I know?
Cop 1: Do we ticket them or take them in?
Cop 2: For what? It's a U-Haul?
Cop 1: Aren't there some laws about U-Hauls?
Cop 2: How the f#@! should I know? And I don't really want to look it up.
Cop 1: Should we just let them go?
Cop 2: I guess so.

Following this a cop then says, "Okay, boys pile back in" and proceeds to load the boys back into the U-Haul. Once they have all climbed in he hollers, "All set guys?" They all say "Yes" and then the cop locks them back in the rear of the U-Haul. Apparently, the cops had a pretty good laugh over this.

True story.

So, any fun bachelor or bachelorette party stories you'd care to share?


Joanne said...

Now that's a story they'll be telling over and over again all their lives! A good time was had by all!

Robyn said...

I love it when cops have a sense of humor!

Carl said...

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