Wednesday, June 17, 2009


My son became very ill Sunday evening with the flu. (Not the swine flu, just the old-fashioned flu..haha). He's had a very high fever, which has pretty much wiped him out. After dropping my daughter off at VBS the past three days we returned home where I have laid in bed with him, just holding him as he has dozed on and off. Yesterday, he was so sick and his fever so high that my mom thankfully offered to pick up my daughter so I could keep him in bed and let him sleep.

Sick kids break my heart, but this bout has especially tugged at my heartstrings. He just looks so weak and pathetic. In three days his feet have not touched the ground. For two solid days his body didn't leave mine; he was carried everywhere, held at all times, and slept on my chest. If I even thought about using the rest room he would cry pathetically and say in the saddest voice possible, "Hold me mommy. Please." It has been exhausting and I feel bad because my daughter has had to entertain herself for most of the past three days while I have been tending to her sick brother.

The plus side of this has been just getting to relax with him and cuddle with him so much. He's a pretty affectionate guy in general, a total mama's boy who is usually pretty willing to cuddle anyway. This has only exemplified that and while I have slept very little over the past three days just being able to comfort him while he has been so miserable makes it all worth while.


Nancy said...

I'm sorry to hear your son isn't feeling well!
I always knew my son was recovering from whatever illness because he would turn from super sweet to a little crabby!

Joanne said...

Hope he feels better and his feet are back on the ground soon!