Thursday, June 11, 2009

All I Do Is Love You

My daughter has always been really good about picking up after herself and putting her toys away when she is done playing. That is, until recently. She now takes out every possible item in her room to play with, which is fine, but then doesn't put anything back, which is not fine. Yesterday, she again had taken every toy she owns out and they were all over her floor, bed, dresser, kitchen set, and play house. EVERYWHERE! At 3:50 I asked her to start picking up her room. She would disappear into her room and when I would go to check on her she would be sitting there playing. This kept repeating and lest you think I am stupid for not standing over her I was trying also to get the rest of the house picked up before we leave town and dinner made.

She comes downstairs for dinner telling me that she had put some things away. After dinner when I went to look it pretty much looked the same. I had it. I grabbed a trash bag, walked into her room, and threw everything in the bag. It filled a full sized garbage bag and then a smaller bag as well. Of course she was hysterical about her toys. (No, I am not throwing them away, but I am holding on to them for a while until she can demonstrate an ability to pick up what she takes out).

Daughter (sobbing hysterically): Don't throw out my toys.
Me: I have asked you to pick up your toys. You didn't, so now mommy is going to keep them until you can show me that you know how to pick up when you are done playing.
Daughter: But now I don't have any toys to play with.
Me: You still have plenty.
Daughter: But those are my favorite toys.
Me: You should have listened to mommy then because this is what happens when you don't listen.
Daughter: You hurt my feelings.
Me: How did I hurt your feelings?
Daughter: You took my toys away and hurt my feelings.
Me: I'm sorry that your feelings are hurt, but it hurts my feelings when you disobey me.
Daughter: You hurt my feelings and all I do is love you so much.
Me: (trying to stifle laughter): I always love you so much too, but you still have to pick up your toys.

Today, she was more than helpful in picking up, not only her own toys, but her younger brother's as well. She then asked if she is good on vacation if she can have her "good toys" back.


Robyn said...

What a little smarty-pants. Bear tugs on the emotional heartstrings when he knows he's in trouble, too!

Joanne said...

Bravo to you for not backing down and giving back the toys yet! I think she'll be quite a good helper from now on, lesson learned.