Sunday, June 14, 2009

Vacay with a Capital V

My husband and I wanted to take the kids and get away for the weekend. We didn't want to go far so we were looking for places either here in Tucson or Phoenix. We have had great luck with Priceline in the past, but I thought I'd look around on Expedia. I came across this resort and casino on the outskirts of Scottsdale. It first grabbed my attention because if we stayed Friday and Saturday night they would give you Friday night free. I thought it must be a dump, but it was rated 4 stars. I started looking through the pictures and the place was gorgeous. We booked a room immediately and headed up Friday morning.

The place was incredible. Great pools, great service, wonderfully family friendly, and the weather was gorgeous for this time of year. We spent Friday at the pool. Friday night there was a Dive In Movie that we watched for a bit and then when the kids and my husband went to bed I hit the casino. I won some money (which is something that NEVER happens) and was feeling pretty good. *

Saturday we spent most of the day at the pool. I did manage to spend another hour at the casino and just when I was about to give up (I'd lost 20 bucks, won it back, and figured I better get out now) when I won BIG....big enough to pay for the trip and still have some left over. Needless to say that put us all in a great mood. That afternoon the hotel had arts and crafts by the side of the pool. The kids could go into the hotel kitchen and cook a dessert with the chef and then the dessert is delivered to your room for you to eat later. There were also face painters, air brush tattoos, and a man drawing caricatures. It was a blast and our kids were exhausted by the evening.

We managed to get both to take a nap which is amazing.** My daughter gave up naps over two years ago but she sacked out for over two hours. That night we went back to the pool, watched the Dive In Movie and stayed up late just hanging out.

When it was time to head back Sunday afternoon we were all pretty sad. Usually by the end of a little get-away I am anxious to get home. Not this time; we are already trying to plan when we can get back.

So, what have been some of your favorite last minute get-aways or vacations?

Our daughter getting her feet wet.
My husband and daughter playing outside in the evening.

My husband and son taking a dip in the pool.

Our son and daughter heading to the pool.

My daughter, son, and husband.
* Before having kids my husband and I would go to the casino here in town once in a while. I NEVER won. And by never, I mean never. I exaggerate not. My husband would win, those we went with would win, but I would always lose money. This was the first time and it was only on one machine in this casino. My husband was shocked when he found out a)I actually won and b) the amount I won was sizeable.
**I don't know if it was because we did so much swimming that the kids slept so well or if it was because the room had those black out blinds or if it was a combination, but our kids SLEPT. It was magical. For the first time in two years our son slept the entire night. I thought my husband may have rolled over on him and smothered him.


Nancy said...

WOW! that sounds like it was a great weekend!
Great place - big win to pay for it - and kids sleeping through the night! I love places where you hate to leave.

Joanne said...

Sounds like you had an absolutely perfect getaway! And the casino win was the icing on the cake, for sure. We like to take a day to explore new towns, spending a few hours walking the downtowns, grabbing a coffee, shopping, an easy dinner, that sort of thing, just to get away for a day.