Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Boy Turns Two

Our son turned two last weekend, however we had his party today. As you can tell we had a bit of a hybrid theme: Thomas the Train and Dinosaurs. Goes together, don't you think? He seemed to be a little bashful with all the attention focused on him. Below we are singing "Happy Birthday" and all the little man wants to do is bury his head in my shoulder. He eventually came around and blew out his candles and definitely devoured his piece of the cake. Once the door bell started ringing and the guests started arriving he went and buried himself behind the cushions on the couch. Apparently, all the birthday wishes embarassed him.
Needless to say, it took all of five minutes before he got the hang of it and started ripping open presents and playing with the other kiddies. All in all it was a really fun day.


Nancy said...

Happy Birthday to you son! I'm sure I said it before but so what.
I remember that age so well!

Joanne said...

That's such a cute age, the way they turn so shy without notice! Sounds like a fun time, many birthday wishes to your son!

Robyn said...

Happy birthday to the boy!

My condolences to you, the mom! (I'm hoping the two's aren't too terrible!)

Moxymama said...

Thank you! It is a fun, but exhausting age. I, too, am hoping the two's are not too terrible. :)