Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Elusive Hat

Every summer we spend quite a bit of time at the pool. I'm very paranoid about sun burns and skin cancer so I always lather up the kids (and me and my husband) with a ton of sunscreen and make the kids wear those UVA/UVB protectant rash guards over their swim suits. I also make them wear wide brimmed hats. When they were little and their heads were smaller it was really easy to find cute little summer hats. However, now that they are older (and their heads are bigger) it is almost impossible to find these hats. All we were looking for were wide brimmed hats, preferably able to get wet and also preferably treated to block UVA/UVB rays. Ultimately, I would have taken any wide-brimmed hat I could find though.

Due to our impending trip this week and the likelihood that most of it will be spent by or in the pool it was a bit more urgent that these hats were purchases soon. I really didn't think it would be like searching for a lost treasure. Over the past two days we have visited eight stores in search of these elusive hats. It was not until the eighth store that we found them. We went to Target, Walmart, two pool supply stores, Toys r Us, Sports Authority, and Big Five. Our last ditch effort, which should have been our first, was Summit Hut. Of course they had a huge selection to choose from; they are also the most expensive. At this point though it was worth it to be to just get them a)so that my kids had some protection and b)so I could quit spending my days driving around town.

Honestly, though. Of all the places, Arizona should not be one that is difficult to find hats that block the sun. We do have about 350 days of sunshine a year (just my guess, nothing factual) and I believe Arizona has one of the highest rates of skin cancer as well. Wide brimmed hats should be like chicle in Mexico. They should be on every corner.


Anonymous said...

Husband has two wide brimmed straw hats he got in China. Unfortunately, they're a little tight. He wears them anyhow when he's in the yard. I think if I lived in Arizona I would really miss rainy days. Must be easy to be a weatherman there.

Joanne said...

Before I read your list, I was thinking Sports Authority. I'm surprised they didn't have them, they're usually good for that kind of thing. You are very wise to stay covered in the sun!

Moxymama said...

Hereinfranklin....I think everyday the forecast is "sun, sun, and more sun." :)
Joanne, In all fairness, Sports authority did carry the neoprene ones that are baseball cap style but only for girls and they didn't block enough sun.