Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Passing of Fame

It is a bit surreal that Michael Jackson is dead. When I think about it though I could never picture him getting old. Can you picture a 75 year old Michael Jackson? What would he have been like? What would he have looked like? There are many stars that I can picture in later years. Michael Jackson was never one of them. I guess now we will never know.

I love Jackson's music and was morbidly fascinated with him as a character and as a performer. The whole child molestation accusations soured me on him a bit, not to mention that his general behavior was so bizarre. Just the suddenness of his passing is so shocking that it just doesn't seem real.

On the other hand there is the death of Farrah Fawcett. When I read that this morning it made me really sad. I don't know entirely why. I wasn't a fan of hers in particular, but I think just because she was America's sweetheart through much of my childhood it seems all the more surreal that she is gone. Plus the entire situation is so tragic. The battles her son fought with drugs, the fact that he is currently in jail. All of that must have brought her great sadness, not to mention the regret her son must feel.

A shocking day to say the least.


Nancy said...

Yes, it was a weird day with two icons passing away. We had our three with Ed McMahon the other day because when you think about it, in the days of Johnny Carson, Ed was huge!

Joanne said...

A sad day indeed. Like you, I was never a huge fan, but they were always "there," those American icons that were just a part of the fabric of our society. Too bad :(