Saturday, July 25, 2009

One More Spill and It's To the Moon

What's the saying? No use crying over spilled milk? I have to tell you that if my son spills one more thing in the course of a 24 hour period to add to the 134 other times during that same time period in which he spilled I am going TO LOSE MY EVER LOVING MIND!

I normally have the patience of a saint when it comes to picking up and cleaning up after my kids. If they spill I really don't care. It happens. They are young. In this house it happens a lot. But my son, for the love of sweet baby Jesus, simply does not pay attention. If he weren't merely two I'd be convinced he was ADD. Being that he is two I will chalk it up to his age and gender. In a matter of minutes today he dropped his glass of juice. Literally as I was cleaning that up he knocked his bowl of cereal off the table which sent milk and cheerios flying everywhere. As I was cleaning that up, he managed to kick over my cup of water which I had set down on the floor by the couch when I got up to clean his first mess. This doesn't even count the handful of things he dropped, dumped, threw during the rest of the day. And it's not like today was the exception. It was pretty much the rule. This is what goes on every single gosh darn day. What is it? I really can hardly take it anymore. I spent my entire day mopping. I'm tempted to freeze dry everything that kid eats and drinks in order to simply save my sanity. Is that possible?

My husband thought there was something wrong with the poor kid. (He works a lot and isn't usually home to witness the catastrophe that is my life). He was ready to lose it after the series of three spills. I'm thinking, "Babe you have been witness to three spills. Multiply that by a million and there's a snapshot of my week."

So, seriously. Freeze dried. Gotta be possible, astronauts use them.


Nancy said...

Does he use a sippy cup? That would eliminate at least one spill! Can't help with the cereal but I guess you could put your water in a sippy cup too!

Joanne said...

Now that's a cute picture, the whole house using sippy cups! Between your freeze dried menu/drinks idea and your bubble wrap idea, you could start writing a humorous column along the lines of an Erma Bombeck!

Robyn said...

Bear is the same way. Which is why there are about a million rules invoked before he can use anything OTHER than a sippy cup.