Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Kind of Shopping

Yesterday, I took my daughter to Toys r Us to pick out her birthday present. I had envisioned spending forever there going up and down every aisle, debating between toys. I was prepared for it. However, we got there, started going up and down the aisles pretty quickly as she seemed pretty sure about what she didn't want. We made it to the Princess section and right away she picked out the Princess Polly pocket dolls, a Princess nail polish and lipstick kit, and a Beauty and the Beast tea set. My plan was to let her pick out whatever she thought she might want and at the end make her pick a couple of things and put the rest back.

I wanted her to finish looking up and down the aisles, which we did, but it was futile. She was done; she had what she wanted. We walked through the art supply section on the way out where she spotted a Princess drawing set and some markers, which also made it into the cart. At the end the tea set went back since she already had a few different tea sets and I am trying to limit the amount of toys that make their way into our house these days..

It was totally easy shopping trip and more importantly I got out of there for under $50.

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Joanne said...

Way to go! What a nice birthday idea, too. I like the idea of that stroll through the store on your special day. I'll bet she loved it.