Sunday, July 19, 2009


We took the kids bowling for the first time. I am not a big fan of bowling, but I wanted to see if the kids like it My son was in love. He wanted to bowl every frame even when it wasn't his turn. My daughter bowled five frames and then said she was done. When I asked her if she liked bowling she said, "I liked it but not a lot."
Watching the ball creep ever so slowly down the lane.

My son getting into perfect position.

Waiting to observe his handi-work.


Nancy said...

Your daughter and I are alike! I used to bowl in a league with my husband - 3 games. I'd do great the 1st one, semi-good the 2nd and by the 3rd I was DONE. And my scores would be all over the place - 3 strikes then five gutter balls.

Joanne said...

These pictures are SO adorable! You've really captured their being mesmerized by this new game. They're at that age where so much of life is filled with wonder. Looks like you had a blast!