Monday, July 13, 2009

Art Walk

My children woke up early this morning. In combination with me staying up late last night to watch a movie with my husband I was beat when they came walking in. So, I turned on some cartoons in my room and dozed on and off for about an hour. I woke up to my son saying, "Carpet, carpet" and holding a crayon in his hand. I got out of bed and there on the floor was a picture drawn in blue and purple crayon. Then he goes over to the wall by the window to show me the artwork there as well. Oh, my! All over the wall, on the ledge of the window sill, up the sides of the window. Just everywhere. Repainting is going to be the only option.

We continue his little art walk tour by seeing the design he drew on the entertainment center, the TV, and the wall by the bathroom. He was apparently quite busy during that hour that I tried to steal a couple extra winks.


Diane said...

I have gotten "payback" for those few extra sweet dreams too. It's always a surprise what you will find!

Joanne said...

Oh nooooo!