Monday, July 13, 2009

Only She Can Pick on Him, No one else Can

I witnessed pure awesome-ness today. We were entering the gym and my son likes to push the button on the automatic door. At the same time we were entering another family was exiting and their four or five year old son ran and pushed the button first, followed by my son. Apparently, the other boy didn't take to kindly to the "help" and started complaining to his dad about how my son was a bad boy. Before I could even register what was happening my four year old daughter whips around, hands on hips, nose scrunched up and SCREAMS at him, "My brother is not bad. That is not nice of you to say. You cannot say that to my brother." Then stood there glaring at him.

If you have never witnessed a stare down between two preschoolers you are truly missing out. Neither one moved. My son, who was having his honor defended, just stood there by his sister I don't think realizing what all the commotion was about. I found the whole thing humorous and was definitely proud of my daughter for defending her brother when she felt he was under attack. Finally, the other father and myself shrugged, smiled, and took our kids to their separate corners.

However, like I said. Pure AWESOME-NESS!


Joanne said...

That's so cute, that your daughter is so protective of her little brother. She definitely doesn't hesitate to come to his defense! They seem like they are very close, even at this young age.

Robyn said...

I agree. Pure awesomeness.