Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Past Her Prime

I read today that the world's oldest woman at the time she gave birth (at 65 years of age) died today at age 68. She leaves behind twin toddlers. I could write an entire post about what I feel is the obligation and responsibility of these fertility doctors or whether or not women should be able to give birth past a certain age.

I will simply say two things: 1) just because you CAN do something doesn't always necessarily mean you SHOULD and 2) maybe more people should consider what would be in the best interest of their children verses what is in their best interest.

While I am sure this woman may have expected to live longer the fact remains that she could reasonably assume that she would die fairly soon and leave behind young children. I personally just find that selfish. There are two children now who will most likely end up in foster care, or best case scenario with other family members if they exist, because there was no father.

It bothers me because I think so many do what they want, what they think is best for them, with little consideration as to how that will affect others. I wonder how much this woman really thought about all the ramifications of being so old and giving birth. She obviously knew there were risks involved as she lied to the fertility doctor about her age, telling him she was ten years younger. (And shame on the doctor for a)not checking and b) helping her get pregnant).


Nancy said...

I just read this while signing into my Google reader. I had forgotten all about her.
There was no mention of a father - I assume it was a sperm donor?
Poor babies. That was so selfish of her.

Joanne said...

A sad situation all the way around. The children will have a difficult road ahead.