Tuesday, July 14, 2009

This Is The Post In Which I Toot My Own Horn

I deserve some type of medal. Maybe something shiny? Even a paper certificate would be okay. We went to see my grandmother today and an ice cream man always cruises through her neighborhood when we seem to be there. The kids asked about the ice cream truck and I told them I'd get them something if he came by. Famous last words.

I never heard the music, but apparently my son did because he started screaming, "Truck, truck." I thought he was just talking about a random truck since he is obsessed with trucks in general so I ignored him until my grandma tells me that it was indeed the ice cream truck. So, I run outside only to discover he is leaving the neighborhood and I haven't even made it to my car to get my wallet out.

So, I did what any good mother would do. I chased the darn truck down. Let's just say that in 105 degree heat that it is not easy. Plus this ice cream man has a lead foot. I finally caught him two streets and one cul-de-sac over. I was panting, dripping sweat. I go to the gym daily but I have never felt my heart beat so fast or feel like my lungs were so close to exploding. I was tempted to ask the ice cream man to call 911. However, I got the suckers and gum that they like and then realized I was pretty far from my grandma's house and I didn't want to walk forever.

So I ran. I ran fast. I made it to the doorstep looking like a crazed woman. Good thing I had come from the gym and still had my sports bra on...or else my heroic efforts would not have been possible without risking severe injury to myself and others.

What do you think? Do I deserve a medal?


Joanne said...

Yes, most definitely! I'm digging out my New Year's horn as I type, and giving a loud toot, headed west in your direction!

P.S. Your kids must love you to pieces! That was very sweet of you.

Nancy said...

I'd give you a medal!
You didn't say "oh next time" or anything, you went above and beyond the call of motherhood!
lesson learned? Never ignore your kids until it's almost too late!