Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Heartbreaking Moment of the Night

My son took a toy of my daughter's (that she wasn't playing with) and began playing with it. When my daughter realized he had it she flipped out and demanded it back. I made her share it with him since she wasn't even playing with it. A major tantrum of epic proportions ensued. I sent her to her room where she then began wailing an awful cry saying, "Daddy, please come home. Please please my daddy come home" over and over again for thirty five minutes.

It was so incredibly sad to listen to. My son relented and gave back the toy but the wailing for her daddy continued. As I type this she is still in her room crying for her daddy. I have a feeling that once she can dial his number he will be receiving many hysterical phone calls from her.


Nancy said...

I think she's got "your number" Moxy! Crying for the other parent like that!
It's good though that you put her in time out. It's hard sometimes when it comes to that toy sharing. I never had to worry about that except when he was with his cousins and then I had to deal with whether my sister would discipline her daughter who was prone to meltdowns (usually not).

Joanne said...

It's sweet how your son caved with her imploring and returned the toy. He must've been a little distraught by the wailing!