Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Because I am Too Tired and/or Too Lazy.....

I started writing a couple different posts this week and for whatever reason just couldn't finish them. I'd lose my point mid-way through or just couldn't wrap it up in a way that seemed fluid. Furthermore, nothing of real excitement or interest is going on right now for me to share. So, in lieu of an actual post I will share with you some "gems" from my children this week.

** My daughter asks very loudly in the doctor's office this morning if the woman entering is a man or a woman. When I shush her and tell her quietly that the person in question is indeed a woman my daughter says just as loudly, "Well, she doesn't really look like a woman. Are you sure?"

** My daughter also informs us this week (actually she has been telling us for a month) that she no longer wants to go to preschool. Today she finally tells us the reason and that reason is apparently, "Because there are nasty germs at that school." Don't ask me where she got that from. I really don't know.

** After asking my daughter to please stop talking for two seconds so I could hear myself think she says, "No, mom I can't. I talk. That's just what I do."

** We were stopped at a red light with a car in front of us. The light turned green and apparently the car in front didn't move fast enough for my daughter because next thing I know she yells, "Green means go. Man, some drivers are just idiots." Yes, that phrase she did hear from me!

** My son has taken to pointing out the type of genitalia each person in the store or restaurant or park or any other public place has. He does this by pointing and shouting, "Penis" or "Gina". So, far he's 100 percent.

** Each day when we leave the gym my son repeats over and over again, telling everyone on our way out, "My mama stinks." Lovely.

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Joanne said...

Hm, with the swine flu outbreak, the news constantly showed images of CT schools being thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Could your daughter have seen something like this on tv there, and she thinks all schools are infected? Enjoyed these gems!