Friday, July 24, 2009

Safety First

My husband had a business retreat today at a popular getaway location in town that also has a horse trail (horseback riding is big here). The afternoon activity was, you guessed it, horseback riding. This concerned me for a couple of reasons. My husband is the guy who would fall off the horse while mounting and suffer paralysis. It is not that he is clumsy, but it just seems that a disproportionate amount of bad luck has been placed upon him in his extra curricular pursuits. The second reason of concern was that he just had a minor surgery a few days ago....ON HIS HEAD. He was told to basically do nothing other than to sit at his desk at work. Just doing some things around the house has caused his head to start bleeding where the stitches are. Massive amounts of blood. Head wounds bleed like none other.

So, since it was almost impossible for him to opt out I asked that he look into wearing a helmet. As I explained to him, he is worthless to me in a vegetative income and no life insurance money (of course I said it a bit more delicately...although in all truth, not much more delicately than I just phrased it here). I didn't really expect that he'd wear a helmet but I did want to convey my concern for his well-being.

He asked for, received, and wore the helmet. Needless to say he was the victim of some good natured ribbing. Honestly, I would have probably peed my pants laughing so hard had I seen him. I guess a few others wore helmets in a moment of solidarity.

So, yet another reason why I love this man. He's willing to risk personal embarrassment to put his wife at ease.

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Joanne said...

Very sweet, true love indeed. And I like how others wore helmets in solidarity! It sounds like a fun bunch of people :)