Thursday, September 18, 2008

What Will It Take To Get Some Service Here?

So, I am still embroiled in a "battle" with my jeweler over my wedding ring. The thing that irks me is that this is a reputable jeweler and not some podunk jewelry store we wandered into six years ago. It makes you wonder how a place with such an image of fine, classy jewelry can be so incompetent in simple matters.

Case in point:
1. I initially took my ring in 6 weeks ago for it's 6 month inspection and to have a single prong on the engagement ring, which holds the main diamond, to get fixed as it was cracked.
2. They had it for a week. When I got it back a diamond on the wedding band looked crooked. After much debate with the manager, she finally agreed to take it back in and have it looked at.
3. Sure enough I was right and the mounting was fractured (this was done while in their care as they inspected the ring prior to the initial intake and made no notice of it then). It took them a week to figure this out.
4. To fix the ring it then had to be sent to another location for the repairs, which took another 2 weeks.
5. When I went to pick up the ring I noticed the inscription, which my husband had placed in the wedding band prior to our wedding had been polished out. They acted like it was no big deal. "It's just an inscription."
6. They took it back and had it another week to reinscribe it. When I got it back they had reinscribed it so lightly that you could not even tell it was inscribed unless holding it under the light and looking through a magnifying glass. They also engraved on the SAUDERING, not the wedding band. I was furious.
7. I then took it back again and my husband is supposed to be bringing the ring back tonight. He says it looks "acceptable" but that the font of the lettering is different. We will see.

The General Manager with whom we have been dealing is absolutely incompetent, unprofessional, and really shouldn't have the job she has. To get any type of acceptable service we had to involve the regional CEO, who had no problem throwing this particular manager under the bus.

So, stay tuned. I have a bad feeling that the ring will again be messed up.

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Emerald said...

That is ridiculous. Have you thought of small claims court?