Monday, September 8, 2008

Greek Festival

My husband and I love going to the Greek Festival every year in September. Last year was the first year we went with our kids and our daughter (who had just turned 2) had a great time. She loved the food and especially the music. Our son was a mere 3 months old so as long as he could have access to boob all day long he was pretty happy. The festival is fast approaching and we cannot wait to attend this year. Then a few days ago I found out that 2 other Greek churches in the city just north of us (about 2 hours away) have Greek Festivals in October. We totally want to go. I told my husband we could be Greek Festival Groupies. Is that weird?

Neither of us is Greek but we love their food, enjoy their music, and feel their culture to be inviting and fun. We attend many different cultural events (Irish Festival, Slavic Festival, Mexican Fiesta, etc.) because we love to experience all that different cultures have to offer. Plus we think it is important to expose our children to the different traditions in our community. The fact that the food is awesome and the music rocks is a definite bonus. (Did I forget to mention the beer?)

So are there festivals and events that you have made it a habit of attending?


Nancy said...

I LOVE Greek Festivals! I LOVE the food - and the dancing!
We went to one in Newport RI one year. Tucked in this little parking lot right on one of the main streets - it was crazy! There are a few in our state which I always want to go to - but never do!
We're very Polish so when I was little we went every year to the annual picnic that had dancing and wonderful food. We've gone a few times since we've grown up. The local church always sells their pierogies during holy weeks too. Yum!

Emerald said...

Greek Festivals are great. Mmmm, the baklava is rich and delicious. When I lived in Los Angeles I was able to go to many Greek Festivals and loved them all.
Happy eating!

Moxymama said...

Nancy, we have gone to a few Polish festivals as well and had a great time. Food from other cultures always seems so delicious. I agree that the dancing is amazing. I'll end up just sitting there captivated by it all.
Emerald, the baklava is among my favorites. I also love the loukemades dipped in honey. So good!

Trippy Hippy said...

We go to our local Greek Festival every year. Our kids love it. You are right on about the loukamades. They are to die for.