Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sleep Baby Sleep....No, Not Now!

My kids are not good sleepers. They have never been. My mom says I deserve it since I apparently never slept as a child either. However, on Thursdays it is important that they nap because my daughter has dance class at 4 PM and no nap means she will either fall asleep on the car ride there or will be incredibly tired during dance and fall asleep on the way home. Neither of those is a good option. So, I try to pull out every trick known to man to get her to sleep (she gave up naps about a year ago but still could probably use at least a 30 minute power nap) Nothing works.

As predicted, both kids usually fall asleep on the way to dance class. That means I’m waking both of them up after only a 10-15 minute nap and while my daughter usually does fine with that, my son is a disaster and I then have to keep him happy for the next hour while my daughter dances.

The rub is that they have 14 other hours (give or take) during the day that they could decide to take a nap. My kids pick the one-hour A WEEK that it is totally inconvenient for them to do so. What is up with that?


Nancy said...

I feel your pain! Our son used to fall asleep 15 minutes from home after being awake the entire 5 HOUR car ride from my in-law's house!

Moxymama said...

Yeah, I think that is pretty common. Darn kids never sleep when you want them to and always sleep when you don't.

Emerald said...

I think that is called "Murphy's Law."

Gena B. said...

We suffer from the same problem.