Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday Recap: On the Go!

Where has the day gone? It seems like the days that need more hours are the days that end up going by the quickest. We had to run some errands this morning in preparation for a short little journey we are taking tomorrow to an orchard about 2 hours away to pick fresh fruit and vegetables. Of course, if it were just me and my husband going we'd hop in the car and be off. Adding our two little ones to the mix requires trips to Walmart and Target to stock up on all the "necessary" supplies: wipes, hand sanitizers, snacks, crackers, bottles of water, take and toss cups and bowls, a new movie for the car ride, etc. We then had to get gas, withdraw money, and check our tire pressure (yes, I'm rather type A about things and if our car ride is longer than an hour our vehicle gets the full safety inspection).

After that little excursion we came home while I put all the snacks into individual serving bags and bowls for each kid and packed the cooler full of bottles of water. (We drink water in our house like it is going out of style). Grandma (my mom) then surprised us by coming by for a bit. My daughter was thrilled as she got some time away from her brother, who lately seems to be on her last nerve. (He is just a typical boy: rough, into everything, constantly on the move).

The craziness should calm down after tonight as my husband has the entire weekend off (a rare occurrance). So, Saturday is a day with the kids and Sunday he and I are going out on a date without the kids.

I hope your Friday was productive and hope you all have a great weekend!


Gena B. said...

How fun! We do that every year and it is usually freezing outside. Our daughter loves it. And the food tastes so much better.

Gypsy Gal said...

We did that when my kids were younger. They always loved it. Some orchards would have a tractor ride which was very fun. Happy picking!

Moxymama said...

We had a blast and came home with a ton of fruit and vegetables.