Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Quick Hits

* 1 hour at church
* 1 hour dancing with the kids to The Killers and Kings of Leon
* 1 hour of nap time (for both the kids and me and hubby)
* 1.5 hours of watching Robin Hood with my daughter (Great movie!)
* 2 hours of swimming
* 2 hours of "date night" with my husband; kids played with grandparents and convinced them to take them swimming again.
* 1 hour of playing Jimmy Buffett, Matchbox 20, and James Taylor on the guitar for my kids as they sang, danced, and "played" along.
* 1 hour of girl time with my daughter: we read, sang, talked, and played princesses


Emerald said...

Wow! You need a few more hours added to your busy day. You must be beat tired. Sounds like a good day, though.

Moxymama said...

Yeah, it was busy, but overall a fun day.