Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Palin Speaks: What Did She Say?

I watched Sarah Palin’s speech at the Republican National Convention tonight. I listened intently for the hour that she spoke, trying to decipher what it is she believes and stands for. Hoping that she could shed some light on why McCain feels she is the strongest candidate for the job. As she ended her speech I came away with a few observations.

1. She seems like an intelligent and sincere woman.
2. Something about her cadence, speech patterns, and facial expressions really annoy me.
3. She spent her entire speech either praising John McCain or bashing Barak Obama. She said nothing of substance about herself.
4. When she did attempt to discuss her political experience it was usually as an aside to an Obama insult.
5. The Roman columns used on the stage during Obama’s speech really must have bothered the Republicans. It is all they talk about. I’m thinking they are just jealous they didn’t think of it first.
6. She took a lot of pot shots at Obama and his campaign while doing little to show why she is qualified or explaining where she stands on the important issues of this election.
7. I’m so sick of the term "Hockey Mom."
8. I know nothing more about her or her politics now than I did before I watched her speak. I would have liked to hear her spend more time talking about her ideas and passions and how that relates to politics, specifically this campaign and less time listening to her put down Obama. I understand she has to come out swinging to make it seem like she's a "legitimate player", but she's an unknown. I would also think that part of the point of this speech would be to let people know who she is and what she believes. I don't think that came across well.

Side Notes:
**As the camera panned the crowd I was hardpressed to find a black person or Mexican for that matter. Then lo and behold they seemed to finally find one and they zoomed in on their token black guy. I think they wanted hard evidence that they have minority supporters. I'm thinking he might have just been security though.

**Palin's youngest daughter was holding 4 month old Trig and smoothing down his hair. As the camera zoomed in she licked her hand and then proceeded to smooth and part his hair to the side. It was adorable!


Nancy said...

Thank you for the review - of course I didn't watch it and can barely watch the news clips without wanting to barf.
Something about her actually scares me now - like she's some kind of extreme radical that just hasn't really emerged from the closet yet.

Emerald said...

Right on. I am in agreement with your assessment of Palin's speech last night.

Gena B. said...

I did not think she came across as a strong leader. I thought too that she came across as extreme and cocky.