Friday, September 19, 2008

My Day In A Nutshell

Today was busy. Not really any more so than usual, but for some reason it just felt like it. The kids got up much earlier than usual so our day started with it still practically dark outside. After eating breakfast and playing with princesses and trucks (yep, princesses ride in trucks sometimes) we headed to the gym. When I was finished there I took the kids up to my mom's house. They love playing in the playroom over there and my mom has all sorts of neat gadgets that my daughter loves to play with.

After a few hours we left because I needed to get new glasses. I have been putting it off, but after wearing my current glasses for the past two days it became obvious I am in need of a new pair. After that we killed some time at a bookstore I haven't been to in a while. They have a nice Children's Area and we got to read some unfamiliar books.

Before I knew it almost the entire day was gone. We got home a little after 3. My daughter fell asleep in the car, but my son is going another day without sleeping.

What was on your agenda today?


Trippy Hippy said...

Hey I got new glasses this week. Great minds...

Emerald said...

I got new glasses too. Giant (cover most of my face) sun glasses and a pair of reading glasses. Reading glasses sounds so grim.