Monday, September 22, 2008

This is one of the four adorable new dresses I got for my daughter at Gap for only $6.97 this past weekend.

These are the shoes she chose to wear with the dress.
She has every color of sandal imaginable and I had suggested the brown ones to match the flowers or her white ones. When I came back into her room she had put these on. When told that they didn't quite match she said, "Oh, I know mom. But I still just want to wear these because they are just so adorable."


Emerald said...

What a cute dress. I want that for myself. What a great deal you got. Gap is usually so expensive.

Gypsy Gal said...

Love her choices. It takes a secure child to pick thise cute shoes to go with the lovely dress. BTW, I checked out some of the blogs you read. Some really fun ones. Thanks!

Moxymama said...

Thanks. I love the dress too and the shoes. Just not usually together. She definitely has her own sense of style and she's not concerned about what anyone else will think.
Gypsy I am glad you like the other blogs. I like to think that I only read the best! :)

Gena B. said...

Gorgeous dress and cute shoes.