Sunday, September 14, 2008

It's a Love-Hate Thing

Why is it that you can never go to Costco and spend any less than $100? It doesn't matter if you only buy 3 things. The total will still be over $100.

We went to Costco today and admittedly needed a lot of stuff ranging from household necessities, like toilet paper, to more "luxury" items like food. I knew before we even set foot inside that our total would be high. I was bracing for it. I do realize that overall it is a good deal. Especially if you shop at Costco once every 3 to 5 months like we tend to do. It's just the sticker shock. Forking over all that cash at one time about sends me into cardiac arrest. Even though I prepare for it.

So nervously I approached the cash register, quickly scanning my cart trying to decide if we really needed all that stuff. Unfortunately, the answer was yes. Around here toilet paper and food tend to be high priority items. Total damage done was 350 big ones. It was almost a game of tug-o-war as I handed over the cold, hard cash. I desperately wanted it back, but I also wanted my cart of "goodies."

As if one trip to Costco in a day wasn't enough we decided we needed to go back. There was a truck that we wanted to get our son for Christmas and as with all things sold at Costco if you don't buy it when you see it the next time you go back it is gone. Then of course once we got there we found all sorts of other items we needed. Socks, underwear, night lights, dress shirts for my husband, and a few books. Total damage was another $150. FIVE HUNDRED FREAKING DOLLARS in one day at Costco.

I have already gone through all our purchases trying to figure out if I can return anything. The sad reality is that it has been so long since we have been to Costco we were out of almost everything. There's not really anything that can go back minus the books and honestly once you are over a couple hundred bucks what's another $20?

So, if you'll excuse me I have to go return to the fetal position I've been in all day as I realize that between today's little Costco trips and all the clothes I bought this week I could have used those funds and bought a new car.


Nancy said...

I've had CostCo (or BJ's) memberships now and again but I've found this -- either I have no room to store the stuff I want to buy or they have the brand I like, but not the particular type (for example tampons). I would purchase a $40 membership and then go once a year so I stopped.
This summer though we used my sister's card and bought the goodies for my son's graduation party and we were expecting to fork over around $400 and it only came to $150 or so...of course that then made me think about getting my own card but I held off.
Now Walmart is a place I go in for one item and come out with 10.

Emerald said...

You can't beat Kirkland, can you? I don't like going there, but hubby knows the lay out by heart. Sad, I think. At least if he goes I don't get "the budget blown look."

Moxymama said...

Costco is great for the items you need a lot of, but man it dents the pocket book. Emerald you are right that Kirkland is quality. I, too, Nancy end up with more than I was intending to buy in Walmart.

Gena B. said...

We too shop at Coscto and always spend a lot. There is no cheap way to get out of there. They do have great products and we end up using most of it, so it is cost efficient for us.