Monday, September 29, 2008

I Know Noses

Me: Your nose looks swollen. Did you hurt it?
Hubby: No. What does it look like?
Me: Just bigger than it did earlier.
Hubby: (goes and looks in mirror) No, it's the same size it's always been.
Me: I don't think it was that big before.
Hubby: Yeah, pretty sure it has always been this size.
Me: Hmm
Hubby: You think my nose is big?
Me: No, it's not big. It fits your face perfectly. I just thought it looked a little swollen.
Hubby: I don't think it's swollen. So, my huge, gigantic nose fits my huge, gigantic face?
Me: (laughing) No, neither your face nor your nose are huge.
Hubby: So, then it's just my huge nose on my regular sized face?
Me: (hysterically laughing now) No, your nose is not huge. (So and so) has a huge nose. You do not have a huge nose.
Hubby: I guess me and my gigantic nose will sit over here then.

** For the record, my husband does not have a big nose. It is completely proportionate to his face which is also within the normal range in size (Husband wanted me to point that out)


Joanne said...

Cute. Now the question is, who "nose" who's right or wrong? :)

Moxymama said...

Good play on words, Joanne. Very clever!

Emerald said...

Hysterical. It sounds like the man's version of the "do I look fat" question ladies often ask.

Gypsy Gal said...

Hysterical. It will be a funny story to recall all day long when things are tense at work. Remember, I am laughing with you and not at hubby's nose. Funny post.