Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dan In Real Life Review

My husband and I watched Dan In Real Life the other night. We had not heard much about it, but we both enjoy Steve Carrell so we thought we’d give it a try (oddly enough, we don’t watch The Office, though). The story follows a widower (Dan played by Carrell) as he raises his three daughters. He ends up falling in love with his brother’s girlfriend over the course of a few days during a family vacation. What ensues is a funny and witty series of events tempered by emotionally distressing and heartbreakingly sad interactions between Dan and his daughters. (Anyone who can watch his youngest daughter present her father with a collage of pictures that include her dead mother holding her as a baby and not feel great sadness and compassion has a cold, cold heart). I won’t ruin the ending (I will simply tell you that it is predictable), but it is a clever story about love, redemption, forgiveness, and second-chances.

What made it so great was that it was a serious topic done tastefully but also laced with an appropriate amount of humor. There were times I could hardly control my laughter. (A lot of that had to do with the ever in love and emotionally passionate middle daughter reminding me of someone I know.) Overall, it is a movie I would recommend checking out.

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Gena B. said...

We saw this when it came out in the theater and loved it.