Friday, May 15, 2009

Discovering One's Passion

Because basketball was such huge part of my life from young childhood into early adulthood people always assume that I want my children to be basketball players and assume that I would be disappointed if they weren't. In reality nothing could be further from the truth. Basketball was a huge part of MY life, which doesn't mean it has to be a huge part of THEIR lives. My children love to play basketball when we go to the gym, but if that interest doesn't remain it won't bother me.

We enrolled our daughter in dance last August and tomorrow is their final recital. To see how far she has come is amazing and I am not just talking in terms of ballet and tap. She is so social and outgoing, has incredible empathy for the girls in her class, and truly loves being part of this group. To me that is more important than any sport she could play or any activity she could be involved in.

We want our kids to do something. Whether it is art, music, dance, or sports doesn't matter. I just want them to find something they enjoy. I don't know if her love for dance will be long term or something she will outgrow as she gets older. Right now she seems to have many interests and honestly that is how I would prefer it. My husband and I feel very strongly about not having our kids in activities everyday. We let her do dance one day a week and that will be true for next year as well. So, if she chooses dance I am fine with it. If she chooses karate, as she has been talking about, I am fine with that too. If she wants to enroll in soccer or little tykes basketball that would be fine too. I am okay with exposing my kids to as many options as possible and letting them discover for themselves what it is they are passionate about.

I guess the point is that I really don't care what activity they are a part of (there are a few exceptions rooted in safety concerns) as long as they do something that they enjoy.


Joanne said...

My older daughter took tap for a couple of years, and you're right, each experience has something to be gained from it. She learned about practicing and discipline and working together with the other girls, among other things. And those recitals are so cute, have a great time! Don't forget to bring her some flowers for after the performance!

Moxymama said...

Joanne, Flowers are a great idea!