Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Princess Camp

We signed our daughter up for a Princess themed ballet camp that runs three days this week. One of her new friends from her previous ballet class, which just ended, is also attending so she has been very excited. All this talk about going to camp has our son now saying, "I go to camp." Our daughter has started asking him real enthusiastically, "Do you want mommy to sign you up for train camp?" (To my knowledge no such thing exists but because of our son's obsession with trains I guess she figured this would be a logical camp for him to attend).

Anyway, this morning as we are getting our daughter ready for camp our son is walking around the house chanting, "Train camp" thinking he too will be attending camp. So, my plan is to take him to the mall where there is a train table set up and let him play with trains for the time this morning that our daughter is in camp. I'm betting he won't know the difference.

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